DOG for DOG: Helping Dogs With Every Yummy DOGSFOOD, DOGSBUTTER or DOGSBAR Sold

napa eatingI am such a softie.

Show me a picture or a video of a dog in need, and woof, I want to help. Call me a bleeding heart,  but I just have to get involved and help a friend. I cannot sit back on my haunches and do nothing. You’re probably the same way!

Have you heard of DOG for DOG? Their mission is to make a difference in the lives of all dogs in need. They are calling on humans (and dogs, I hope) to join together and “buy a bag of all natural, made in the USA DOGSFOOD, and an equal bag will be donated to a shelter.” If you prefer their DOGSBUTTER or DOGSBAR, no worries! Buy one, and another butter or bar will be donated to a shelter. How great is that? You already have to buy your dog food, so why not give shelter dogs food, as well?

Honestly, Chelsea Handler, my celebrity crush, says it best: “There are two kinds of people I don’t trust: People who collect seashells and people who don’t help dogs in need.” She’s funny and smart. Chelsea keeps me laughing all night long. Sometimes my parents actually turn off the television on me because it is past my bed time, and I stay up snorting and giggling to her show. Not fair. I don’t know what I’ll do now that she is leaving E!. Chelsea, girl, call me!

Anyway I’m really interested in trying the DOGSBUTTER. I love me some peanut butter, and my parents are very picky about which brands they’ll buy for me. They only give me the healthy stuff, so I know they’ll like that DOGSBUTTER has no added sugar, salt, or hydrogenated oils. And if they buy one for me to try, a shelter dog will get one, too! Hint, hint. Nudge, nudge, mom and dad!

So, we’ve established that DOG for DOG is doing great things. Do you know how much food they donated last year? Upward of 52,000 pounds to shelter dogs. That is incredible! But it certainly isn’t enough. We can all work together to do more. We can help DOG for DOG in so many ways. Here are some suggestions:

  • Make a purchase! As I said before, for every item that you purchase, they will donate a like item to an animal shelter. You can buy the food from Petco, or directly from DOG for DOG’s website.
  • Sign up for their free e-newsletter. By providing your email address, you’ll get 10% off your next purchase. You’ll also get emails from them to keep you up-to-date about their products and groups and shelters they support.
  • Tweet about their mission. If you have Twitter, it will only take you a second to spread the news about DOG for DOG and their awesome products like the DOGSBUTTER and DOGSBAR. They’ve even created the following Tweet for you: “Feed a hungry dog! #DOGforDOG donates one bag of food to a shelter for every bag you buy. Go to for all natural food” Just copy and paste everything in between the quotes into a new Tweet, and you’ve already helped spread the word about their cause.
  • Make sure to share on Facebook, as well. Since you can use more characters there, try this pre-written post from DOG for DOG: “Feed a hungry dog today! For every bag of food you buy @DOGforDOG donates one bag of healthy nutritious food to a shelter. For all natural treats and super healthy food, go to and feed your own dog and help a dog in need.” To be an even better social media sharer, tag your friends in this post. Ask them to share the status on their pages.
  • If you’re feeling even more helpful, don’t stop there. If you have a blog, you can blog about DOG for DOG. If you don’t, email your friends and family just to tell them about the cause and the company. The good news is that they provide you with a script that you can just copy and paste into your new post or email.

Now no one can complain that they don’t have time to help a great cause like DOG for DOG. I’m so grateful to have a family and a comfortable home, and I want all dogs to be healthy and safe like I am. Let’s work together to take care of shelter dogs!

Have you ever bought a DOGSBAR or DOGSFOOD before? Whats your favorite flavor? Be sure to share in the comments. If I know what flavors your dogs enjoy, then I can tell my parents to buy me some soon!


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