Review: Outward Hound Front SeatSafety Barrier

Product Description: Outward Hound Front SeatSafety Barrier

Creates a barrier to keep pets from climbing into front of vehicle. Adjustable straps attach to car seat headrest and around seat. Quick, easy to install. Fits most cars with a headrest: Dimensions: 15 in W 21 in H. Care instructions: scrub stains with mild detergent. Hand wash with cool water. Air dry. Installation instructions: Attach top straps to both front seat headrests. Attach bottom straps around bottom of both front seats making sure that the barrier is securely in place and adjust tension.

Price: Around $12 with S&H

Outward Hound Front SeatSafety Barrier Review:

This barrier is supposed to keep me in the back seat. Well let me tell you something, I’m a 20lb dog, but I’m kind of short, and a barrier that is only as tall as the headrests in a car is not going to stop me. I’d say that barrier lasted five minutes before I figured out how to hop over it. Then I just kept hopping over it as I pleased for the rest of the ride. Sure, mom tried keeping her elbow up so I couldn’t hope over, but it only resulted in me clawing my way over, causing her a few bruises and probably a little unsafe driving.

If your dog is too small to hop over, this is a cheap way to keep them in the back seat. If they’re too big to fit over, this might work too (unless they think they’re a lap dog like me). I’m very attached to the front seat, and no way, no how was this thing holding me back.

Even better, the thing is made out of a tiny piece of canvas and plastic buckles. The first day mom tried to leave me alone in the car with it to get some groceries, I surprised her by devouring one of the buckles and chewing one of the very thin nylon straps in half.

No way she’s getting that baby back on! Looks like it’s the front seat for me from now on. Unless she decides to try the $40 Backseat Barrier that adds a little mesh shield that’s as tall as the headrests. There’s nothing stopping me from chewing those straps though.

Two out of five bones from me, because there are two types of dogs it will probably work for: HUGE dogs and TEENY dogs. Just not for my medium-sized booty!

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