5 Personalized Gifts for Dog Owners

I love celebrating the humans and dogs in my life. No matter if the occasion is a holiday, birthday, anniversary, promotion, or new house, it doesn’t matter. I sniff out a bargain and surprise my pals. A few of my officemates’ birthdays are coming up, and they all love their canine companions, so I’m trying to gifts for dog owners that are personalized and relatively inexpensive. Let’s just say I get paid in treats, not cash!


 Holiday Ornament

via Painted Pooches
via Painted Pooches

I’ve learned over the years that the holiday tree is not an indoor restroom. Honestly, I can’t say that I agree with it much. Living in  Rhode Island, I’d much rather use the facilities indoors instead of trampling through the snow to find the perfect spot, but alas, not everyone agrees with me. Even if I can’t let loose on a Christmas tree, something I’ve always admired is the way people decorate their trees. Actually, it makes me wonder why people don’t decorate the trees outside of their house, as well. Weird, huh?

Anyway, because so many people like to haul trees inside and decorate them, I think one of the many perfect gifts for dog owners could be a ornament of their pooch. This is a keepsake that pet parents can enjoy every holiday season. All you have to do is supply the kind folks at Painted Pooches with a picture of the pup, and they will paint their likeness on an ornament. If anyone wanted to give this to my parents for a holiday gift, just let me know, and I will get you some posed pictures.


 Wall Art

via Smitten Image
via Smitten Image

Everyone who comes to my house compliments my parents on their decorating skills. My mom and dad love to shop local and support small businesses, so we have a lot of fun, funky accessories and wall art in our house. People love hanging up pictures and paintings. I don’t know why anyone would want to stare at the walls so much, but because they do, I’d recommend purchasing a dog silhouette from Smitten Image for anyone looking to get gifts for dog owners.

If your dog of choice isn’t listed as an option on Smitten Image’s Etsy shop, just contact the seller! They are super flexible, and can even put your pooch’s name on the design! You pick the color, and the print gets mailed to you at home. For under $20, this gift is steal!



via The Wrapped Pixie
via The Wrapped Pixie

Ladies love jewelry. Well, at least that is what I’ve heard. My mom has the prettiest necklaces. She is such a good accessorizer.  Why not surprise your recipient with a personalized necklace that she can wear and show off her puppy love all the time? (Hint: Dad – this is probably something you should pay attention to!)

The Wrapped Pixie has many gift options for dog lovers. Pick your puppy of choice, and personalize the necklace with a charm of your dog’s initial. If the person you’re buying for loves color, consider adding a birthstone charm to the necklace. Of all the gifts for dog owners, this is the one that might get the most compliments.


Car Decal

via Urban Decal
via Urban Decal

Being a backseat driver can get boring at times. To stay busy, I check out bumper stickers or car decals of the people driving around me. I’ve seen so many funny ones! Something I’ve been noticing a lot is the stick family decals on the back windshield. Many of them are missing dogs! Great news, you can order and even personalize a car decal as a personalized gift for your favorite dog owner.

Urban Decal prints awesome vinyl decals of dogs you can purchase for a car-savvy dog owner. If your recipient cares less about cars and more about computers, they have decals for laptops, too!


Baby Products

via My Little Mookie
via My Little Mookie

Start ’em young is what I say. From what I’m told, babies love puppies. Those little critters are pretty much walking advertisements, so why not get a onesie as a shower gift that speaks to the parents’ love of their pet. (Ahem, remember who the parents’ first child was! Albeit a furry one, but still important.)

If onesies aren’t your favorite choice of clothing, consider a bib or blanket with a cute little dog that you can personalize with the baby’s name, too! My Little Mookie has so many options for your fur-loving friends. A baby and a pet would love this. I can guarantee that!

Have you ever purchased personalized gifts for dog owners? Did they love it? I’ll bet they did! Share your favorite gifts in the comments section below.

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