The Funniest Dog Videos: A Canine’s Perspective

studio puppieI’m here to show you the funniest dog videos of all time – from a canine’s perspective!

Ever since I started interviewing other office dogs and watching their favorite online dog videos (like Asha’s), I’ve been dying to share my favorites with you, but it’s so tough to narrow down the funniest dog videos to just a handful of favorites! Dogs are doing the wildest things, and you humans are smart enough to get it all on tape.

Dogs are taking baths like humans. They’re doing yoga. Dogs are stealing humans’ food. (Note to all canines: This is not supposed to be caught on video.)

As hard as it was to narrow my choices down, here are seven of the funniest dog videos I could find on the Internet. I hope you enjoy!

I love videos where human dub in words so it seems as if the dog is talking. They’re so funny, because the dogs actually sound like humans! This video is a great example. Either he really is talking and has fooled us all or his owner has done a great job of picking the perfect words to go with this pup’s facial movements and expressions.

But we can’t ignore the elephant in the room. What a mean owner! Yeah, I bet you humans think the teasing is so funny, but it would drive me wild. The human made a cat-treat sandwich and gave it to the cat! That’s practically dog abuse!

Okay, let’s move on from the fake dog talk. Here’s the real thing! Mishka is a husky who not only understands English, but speaks it! Why she hasn’t yet taken over the world is beyond me. She’s also a sensitive, loving pup. While some of the humans out there might go, “Awww” when viewing this video, it just cracks me up to watch dogs speak human!

Cats are such troublemakers. Those sneaks are always getting into a dog’s business. I’m not quite sure what made them feel like they’re in charge, but as you can tell from this video, some cats seriously think they’re the boss. What makes me laugh so much about this video is how scared these puppies are! Tell those cats you mean business. At least the dog at 1:28 (and a few afterward) have the right idea.

Have you ever watched a human sleepwalk? It can be funny, am I right? Well, watching a dog in motion while asleep is even funnier! This is my all-time-favorite funniest dog video. I feel kinda bad for how this guy wakes up, but I could watch this clip over and over and over again.

Wow, this looks like so much fun! I’d love to pop all of these balloons. It’s like when I see humans popping the packaging bubbles – they always look as if they’re having a great time. I’m going to have to ask my mom and dad if I can do something like this. This video should come with a warning, though. As fun as popping balloons looks, they are an extreme choking hazard. If you let your pet pop balloons, be sure to carefully monitor them and make sure they do not swallow anything after popping it.

Some dogs don’t like baths! How crazy is that. I love to get clean. Here’s a collection of funny videos of dogs who really don’t want to jump in the bath! Most of these dogs will do anything not to get wet, but as you can see, a few of them actually love bathing! My favorite part of this video is at 3:32.

Remember how earlier I mentioned that cats are meanies? Well this video is proof that I’m right. These mean cats won’t let the dogs in their family pass. I personally blame their humans for allowing this behavior. Note to all cats: Stop being such bullies! Note to dogs: stop being so scared. Well, actually – it is rather funny. My favorite moment is the slap at 2:43.

How about you? Do you have any favorite funny dog videos? If so, share the links in the comments section!

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