How to Get Rid of Tapeworms in Dogs

Getting rid of tapeworms in dogs always requires a veterinarian

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A dog is no doubt man’s best friend. He loves you more than he loves himself. But sometimes our best friend needs much attention especially when he starts falling sick. Many dogs at some or the other phase of life are infected by intestinal parasites especially tapeworms. Tapeworms in dogs can be very much threatening to dog’s health and should be removed quickly before it grows large. Let have a look at some of the steps on how you can get rid of tapeworms in dogs:

  1. Gather a stool sample of your dog. If your dog is tapeworm infected you would see its segments in and on the dog’s feces. It can also be discovered in the hairs which are nearby dogs anal. The segments of tapeworm almost look like large grains of rice or sometimes small segments of pasta noodles which are clearly visible to our naked eyes.
  2. Gather the stool sample and visit the veterinarian who would then identify if it’s a tapeworm infection. He might also choose to perform fecal check to ratify incursion
  3. Do not try any home remedies if you do not have the knowledge of medicines. Always take help of the veterinarian. He might prescribe Drontal Plus which comprises of one dosage straightaway and the other one after 2 weeks’ time. During the course you would rarely see tapeworm segments pass in the stool as the medicine lets the worm to be assimilated by the dog’s body.
  4. Tapeworms are caused due to fleas. Make use of Frontline, Advantage, Revolution or Advantix which would prevent fleas settling in the fur. Also make sure you keep them away from hunting small animals like rodents which are mainly responsible for digestion of fleas.

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