dog massage techniques

Relaxing Dog Massage Techniques That Will Make Your Dog Love You Even More

Your dog loves to be pet, but he’d be even happier if learn some dog massage techniques. Yes, you heard that right, dog massage techniques. Nothing feels better than a good rub down, and why should humans have all the fun? While studies on dog massage benefits are limited, there is information showing that massage […]

food names for dogs

200 of the Best Food Names for Dogs That Are Anything but Cheesy

Now some of you may be thinking, “Really Napa, FOOD names for dogs?” Hear me out. With so many name choices out there, it’s always our goal to find something fun and unique. Here at Napa’s Daily Growl, there are two things we adore, dogs (duh!) and food! We started thinking of all the fantastic […]

why do dogs lick

Why do Dogs Lick? And More Facts About the Way They Act

Ever ask yourself “Why do dogs lick people?” or “Why is my dog scratching his butt on my carpet?” Dogs engage in some interesting behaviors, and they usually mean something. Dogs are complex beings, and since they cannot talk, people don’t always understand why they do the things they do. Sometimes it’s apparent that they […]