Cold Beer in a Pub Counter

5 of the Best Dog-Friendly Pubs in America

Planning a road trip around America? Stop by these 5 dog-friendly pubs during your travels. When I was on my road trip across America with my parents last year, we stopped by so many awesome restaurants and bars. Since much of the trip was planned spur-of-the-moment, it took some effort to find dog-friendly pubs nearby, but […]

Harley Helping Hands

Introducing the Remarkable Harley Helping Hands’ Office Dog Haidy

 I’ve always appreciated the work that non-profit organizations perform. If I wasn’t at Buzzfarmers, I would probably try to find a position as an office dog in a non-profit. That’s why I am excited to introduce you to Haidy, from Harley Helping Hands. She was a pleasure to interview.  Napa: What breed are you? Haidy: […]


2 More Successful Office Dogs from Alberta Venture Magazine

Last week I was so fortunate to introduce you to two of the coolest work dogs who are also well-versed in magazine life. This week we’re back again with two more pups from Alberta Venture Magazine. Meet Samson and Riley. These dogs are rounding out our two-part interview series with a company who understands just how helpful puppies can be […]


Learn How to Sponsor a Guide Dog

Remember my pal Lucy, the Autism service dog from Rhode Island? After posting my #WorkingDogWednesday interview with her, many of you reached out to say you were so touched by her story. Some of you wanted more information on how to sponsor a guide dog. Aiming to please, I decided to put a list together […]