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7 Raised Dog Bed Options to Make Your Pet Feel Like Royalty

Treat your pet with the comfort he deserves and buy him a raised dog bed today! There are many reasons pup-parents may want to consider purchasing an elevated bed for their pet. In the summer months, having an elevated bed will allow air to circulate under and around a dog, allowing them to cool off. In the winter […]

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Introducing Lenny, the Incredible Wistia Office Dog!

We love Wistia in the BuzzFarmers office. So, when their office dog Lenny’s dad agreed to let him do an interview with me,  I was beyond ecstatic. I was so nervous that I stumbled over all of my words while interviewing this bigwig. Lenny is in charge of recruiting humans for Wistia’s workforce, but he also […]

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8 Books About Dogs Your Kids Will Love

I love kids, and they seem to all love me, too. I’ll tell you, dogs and children have a special bond. I also love to read. Now, I’ve read a few books in the past about children, so it got me to wondering. Are there any books about dogs that children can read? Well, much […]

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Devilish Dog Halloween Costumes for Your Little Troublemaker

Rebellious Dog? Halloween Costumes for Your Little Devil Last week, I showed you some of my favorite Halloween costumes for your playful pup, but what if your dog-friend’s favorite form of playing involves getting into a big mess of trouble? Have no fear! While I can’t tame your out-of-control canine, I can easily recommend these […]