5 Best Friends Animal Society Office Dogs You Need to Know

Do you remember my friends from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary that I introduced you to last week? Well, those three pups were so much fun, but today I have five more four-legged friends for you to get to know. These guys and gal work at Best Friends Animal Society in both California and Utah, and […]

Puppy with pile of fluffy toilet paper

Do You Know What a Dog Reverse Sneeze Is?

Have you ever witnessed a dog reverse sneeze before? The first time I saw a dog reverse sneeze was my friend Sally on the playground. We were just running around chasing each other and decided to rest in the grass for a bit. All of a sudden, it looked like she was hyperventilating. Watching a dog […]

office dog dotty from the training effect

Dotty: Office Dog and Food Finder at The Training Effect

Today I get to interview another friend from across the ocean. I love barking with office dogs from other countries so we can talk about different work cultures. One thing is universal, though; humans really need us in the office! Today I am barking with Dotty, from The Training Effect in the United Kingdom!  Napa: […]

Avocado on wooden table

Can Dogs Eat Avocados If They’re Hungry?

What do you think? Can dogs eat avocados if their humans share with them? The humans around my office love avocado. I hear them talking about it all the time. They like to make guacamole or put sliced avocados on turkey and bacon sandwiches. One of my co-workers even puts it in her omelet! I’m always […]

office dog sparky malarkey

Introducing Sparky Malarkey from The Pet Matchmaker

Today, I get to interview a true Hollywood star! Sparky Malarkey from the Pet Matchmaker won the 2013 Zoomie award for Best Rescue Spokesdog, played the role of the Big Scary Black Dog in the independent film, “The Invitation”, and is a certified therapy dog.  Napa: What breed are you? Sparky: Well, as I’m a rescue […]