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Introducing Lenny, the Incredible Wistia Office Dog!

We love Wistia in the BuzzFarmers office. So, when their office dog Lenny’s dad agreed to let him do an interview with me,  I was beyond ecstatic. I was so nervous that I stumbled over all of my words while interviewing this bigwig. Lenny is in charge of recruiting humans for Wistia’s workforce, but he also […]

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8 Books About Dogs Your Kids Will Love

I love kids, and they seem to all love me, too. I’ll tell you, dogs and children have a special bond. I also love to read. Now, I’ve read a few books in the past about children, so it got me to wondering. Are there any books about dogs that children can read? Well, much […]

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Devilish Dog Halloween Costumes for Your Little Troublemaker

Rebellious Dog? Halloween Costumes for Your Little Devil Last week, I showed you some of my favorite Halloween costumes for your playful pup, but what if your dog-friend’s favorite form of playing involves getting into a big mess of trouble? Have no fear! While I can’t tame your out-of-control canine, I can easily recommend these […]

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Office Dogs Are Taking Over! Meet Dalziel From Narrative Technologies

In my office, my colleagues often talk about what they’ve been reading. Now, I love a good story. I even applied for a managing editor position at BuzzFarmers, but the bosses told me my experience made me better suited for the housecarl position. As you can probably guess, holding the book and turning pages sans thumbs […]

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10 Playful Puppy Halloween Costumes

Looking for puppy Halloween costumes? I’ve got you covered. I love Halloween: My favorite part is watching the trick-or-treaters walk through my neighborhood. I especially love the ones who come to my door. Every year I ask my parents if we can go trick-or-treating, but they won’t let me. They say that the “treats” are […]