5 Dog Food Storage Containers That Are Fancy and Functional

Keep meals fresh with dog food storage containers!

I like to eat, but I hate stale dog food. I love Freshpet, and I eat it so quickly that I never have to worry about it going stale, but on some occasions I’ll eat dry dog food. When I do, I prefer it to be fresh. Keeping dry food in dog food storage containers is one way to keep it tasting better longer and keep pests – like bugs – out of the bag!


Some tips to consider regardless of the dog food storage container you decide on:

  • Store the containers in a cool, dry place to keep food as fresh as possible.
  • Never store dry dog food in humid or sunny areas. Heat and moisture can promote mold growth, causing the dry food to decay.
  • Be sure to wash your dog food containers regularly. Also, allow them to dry out completely before replacing food.
  • Never purchase dog food that has been opened or from open-air bins, as there’s an increased risk of contamination from unknown sources.

The best choice for dog food containers would be one that is airtight to keep freshness in and pests out.

This first option, the Zevro GAT200, is meant to store dry foods in restaurants. Why not use something like this for your dog food? Another benefit to this container is that the container can help with portion control. The canister was designed so that one twist of the tap would releases one ounce of food.  If your dog has special dietary concerns, you’d know you were feeding him the correct amount. If you don’t need a double canister, Zevro has several similar options: a solo canister, wall-mountable canisters, and various sizes to meet your home’s needs.

via Webstaurant Store
via Webstaurant Store

The next dog food storage option is the Petmate Designer Airtight Treat Jar. Because they have a great locking mechanism, your dog isn’t likely to open this canister if he’s searching for some extra munchies. I’ll be honest here: If I’m really hungry, I sometimes fiddle with containers to try and open them. But I don’t think I’d succeed with this locking system! While these containers were designed to store dog treats, they would easily be able to store small kibble, which could be poured directly from the canister to your dog’s bowl with ease!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 5.06.48 PM
via Wayfair

Do you have a few pets? Are they eating different types of dry food? There are many families who have a dog and a cat, or have animals on special diets. Stackable food containers are the perfect option – just be sure to label your containers so you’re feeding the right food to the correct animal! A great option is the Vittles Vault dog food storage containers, which come in various sizes. These could easily be placed on the floor next to the dog’s bowls. The airtight option not only keeps food fresh, but it also keeps pests away and out of your dog’s food! Also, the wide-mouth opening makes for easy access. Bonus: The Vittles Vault comes with a free measuring cup!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 5.07.11 PM
via Gamma2

Stainless steel is often used in kitchens, so why not match your home’s themes with stainless steel dog food storage? The simplehuman Pet Food Can is a great option to store your dog’s food. It’s slim, which means it can easily fit in between appliances or off to the side of your cabinets, and if you decide to move the container, it’s on wheels to make for easy transport. The BPA-free liner can be removed which makes for easy cleaning, and if you’re worried about stainless-steel smudges (children love to put their paw prints on everything), this has a fingerprint-proof finish! It may even look cleaner than your fridge!

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 5.07.37 PM
via simplehuman

If you like the functions of previous dog food storage options, but prefer a more delicate design, consider this Swedish Farmhouse Dog Food Storage Canister from Harry Barker. Not only is it made from recycled steel, but it’s easy to carry with double handles. Its airtight design keeps food fresh and would look beautiful in any home.

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 5.08.07 PM
via Harry Barker

Do you have a dog food storage option that works well for you and your pup? Share it in the comments!

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  1. Anything that traps air inside with the dog food is not going to actually keep it fresh, it’s only trapping the oxygen in, allowing it to eat at the freshness of the contents. We recently designed the perfect solution with the AirScape Bucket Lid – pictures it as an insert in the Harry Barker bucket – we launched on Kickstarter http://t.co/FpNwkjZ6aU or you can find it on our website: http://planetarydesign.com/products/airscape-bucket-food-storage/

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