Dog Food Ratings: Freshpet is the Best!

Napa’s always been a picky eater.

After a short time of eating the same food, he will eventually stop eating (yes, completely!) and then, after a couple days with no food intake, Napa will end up sick, vomiting bile. As puppy parents, it’s tough to see your dog be sick, and feel at a loss on how to help your pet. We tried all the expensive brands; we tried all the cheap brands. We tried everything we could to get Napa to eat, but he wouldn’t stick with anything. Of all the brands we tried for dog food, ratings were low. Napa was simply not interested.

The vet recommended a bland diet, but Napa got bored of that dog-food-ratingsafter a few days too. He’s such a foodie.

And then we found Freshpet. Seeing as we’d tried so many things in the past, we thought, “Well, we might as well try this too!” We were intrigued by the “from our fridge to yours” philosophy, and hoped Napa would take to it.

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Boy, did he love it. Napa, the dog who had never been one to finish his bowl, began to lick his bowl clean and eat every meal. It’s soft and easier for Napa to chew, which makes it easier for him to finish. Since it took Napa longer to eat the other organic, everything-free dog foods we were feeding him, the food got stale quicker, and we weren’t able to use it.

We noticed many changes in Napa after consistently feeding him Freshpet. His attitude changed. He was more alert during the day, and calm and relaxed in the evening. His mood changed. He seemed happier and more excitable. His bowel movements changed. Since he ate more regularly, he was less constipated. We even found that Napa’s hair grew quicker (still on the fence on whether that’s a good thing?). Freshpet claims their product will cause shinier, softer skin and coat, and the product follows through.

We love Freshpet in our household. On the scale of Napa’s personal dog food ratings, Freshpet is a perfect ten.

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