These 10 Dogs Love Snow and Don’t Know How to Stop Having Fun

photodune-6824383-winter-dog-snow--xsLet’s start off this post with some honesty: Dogs love snow. There’s something about the powdery coldness that’s just so fun to run around in. If my parent let me, I’d take every snow day off of work and romp around the dog park with my other snow-loving dog friends. This is the downside of being an office dog. The great thing about living in Rhode Island is that it snows a lot here, so I always have time to enjoy the winter weather.

This guy may be my favorite. Check out the flips he can do!

I’m not quite sure what is going on with his face, but he seems to be accomplishing whatever it is he’s trying to do, like dig a tunnel or eat all of the snow in sight.

All I can say about the next one is: “It’s magic!”

This guy is fearless. I wish I knew how to ski.

Well, this is one way to burn calories!

This dog might be thinking, “What is this white stuff? I must rub myself all over it to find out!”

Well, snow does kind of taste like unflavored ice cream …

Do not show this next dog to my parents. If you do, they’ll try to train me to shovel!

This certainly looks like a new way to get around in the snow!

Could someone please get this guy some boots? I think his back paws are a bit cold.

These dogs love snow! In fact it doesn’t seem like they can get enough of the cold weather. What about your pups? Do your dogs love snow? Let us know in the comments!

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My name is Napa and I'm the Lantern Content Marketing Adventure Company office dog. They create content for business blogs, so I do my part by blogging about pet stuff. My favorite topic is poop! Since you asked, I'm an F2B Miniature Goldendoodle. Everything else you want to know about me is right over here!

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