Dog Park Safety Tips You Should Know

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Dog park safety is something to keep in mind before letting your dog romp around. Let’s face it, the dog park is one of the best places for your pup to get exercise and meet new doggy friends. There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your dog completely bushed after an hour or two of playing at the dog park. Keep these 3 dog park safety tips in mind the next time you visit.

1. Scope The Place Out

If you’re your planning on going to a new dog park you may want to swing by after work to scope the place out. You’ll want to see if  the park provides water for the dogs, doggy clean up bags, segregation for dogs of different sizes. Armed with this information you’ll know what to bring to make your trip a success.

2. Keep Your Dogs Leash With You

When entering a gated dog park you may notice that many dog owners will clip their dogs leash to the fence. We recommend  keeping your leash with you. If you needed to leave the park quickly for whatever reason, you can approach your dog and get out of there. You never know how other dogs will behave around your dog so being able to diffuse a situation quickly before it escalates is important.

3. Talk to Other Dog Owners

One of the best things you can do is get to know other dog owners. They will be able to tell you about their dog. What kind of temperament they have, behavior thats out of character for them and things to look out for. You’ll then be able to monitor the behavior of your dogs and the other dogs they play with.

Do you have any dog park safety tips you’d like to share. Let us know by leaving a comment. If we get enough tips we’ll update the post with you tip and give you credit.

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