Flashback: David Letterman Dog Tricks You’ll Love

Girl and Dog Do TricksThese David Letterman Dog Tricks Won’t Disappoint!

Do you watch David Letterman? Have you seen those David Letterman dog tricks! He invites regular pups (and their human) to his shows so they can show their special tricks with his television audience. Boy, these dogs are talented. I can’t believe some of the things they can do. Since I’ve always loved the tricks on the Letterman Show I thought I’d show you some of my favorite clips.



This dog can climb a ladder! How awesome is that? I’ve heard from humans that climbing ladders can occasionally be dangerous. It is always important to have a spotter, just like David Letterman is doing for Lexie the dog. I wonder who in the household changes the light fixtures! If you ever decide to climb a ladder, be sure your human parents are around to spot you.



These dogs are animals! Well, I know Luck and Riley are dogs, but I can’t believe how brave they are. I can’t imagine jumping on my parents’ feet like this. What if one of them dropped me? I guess that human is pretty talented, too, but I wonder if all the barking is part of the act!



After watching this dog, I’m going to ask for a scooter for Christmas! First of all, I hope you don’t mind if I state the obvious, but Norman the dog is huge! He’s a human-sized dog, and I bet he rules the dog park. Hmm, I wonder if he ever brings his scooter to the dog park for other dogs to try!



A dancing dog? I’ve seen a few dogs dance before, but this one really knows her choreography. Carrie and her owner have the routine down. She dances on two paws, four paws, twirls, and dips! I love her choice of outfit, but I am even more impressed with her moves!


We’ve all seen dogs play dead before. I’m not sure why you humans find that so funny; I find it to be quite morbid. Nonetheless, this dog plays dead for the David Letterman dog tricks series he does on his show. It’s actually rather funny. Baily’s owner is holding him and then all of a sudden, plop! He just falls right over. All right, I guess dogs pretending to be dead can be a little funny.


They even let a famous pup show off a few tricks! Amanda Seyfried’s dog joined her on the David Letterman show, and Finn didn’t disappoint. He can balance a whole burger on his head. Where does he find that patience? I don’t know if I would be able to be so still knowing there is a tasty burger on my body!



And finally, this may be my favorite dog. This class act drinks from a cup like a human does! Sweet Sundance holds the glass between his paws as his human mom pours him a drink. Did I mention he was sitting on only his hind legs? It must be so tough to balance while holding a glass at the same time.

Did I miss any David Letterman dog tricks that were your favorite? If so, share the clip in the comments section. I love watching these talented pups!

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