7 Raised Dog Bed Options to Make Your Pet Feel Like Royalty

Treat your pet with the comfort he deserves and buy him a raised dog bed today!

There are many reasons pup-parents may want to consider purchasing an elevated bed for their pet. In the summer months, having an elevated bed will allow air to circulate under and around a dog, allowing them to cool off. In the winter months, a raised dog bed keeps dogs off cold, drafty floors. A dog who suffers from arthritis might feel more comfortable in an elevated bed, as it can support all of the dog’s joints, without putting any extra pressure on them. Just be sure that the elevated bed isn’t too high, as an arthritic dog may have some trouble getting in extra tall beds.

I’ve searched the internet and found seven of the best raised dog beds for your precious pups. I chose some for convenience, some for looks, and some for comfort. I hope you’ll find something perfect for your pal.

Durable and Convenient 

This first dog bed is perfect for any pet. First, it’s lightweight and not bulky, so it travels well. This bed is also perfect for indoor and outdoor use. But even better is that it’s patented to be chew proof! Now, if your dog is a chewer, you’ve probably already gone through multiple cushy beds already. You’ve probably spent so much on beds that your dog’s comfort is the last of your concerns! Rest assured, your puppy won’t be able to chew through this durable bed.

raised dog bed
via Kuranda Dogs Beds

Cushy and Comfortable

If you don’t want your dog on your furniture, but he prefers the comfort of the couch, a raised dog bed like this option from Drs. Forster & Smith would be an excellent idea. Not only will your pet finally have a piece of furniture to claim as his own, but his furniture will match yours quite nicely. This couch-like bed will be sure to keep all of your dog’s joints supported and comfortable.

raised dog bed
via Drs. Foster & Smith

Match Your Furniture

Similar to the cushy couch above, this raised dog bed is perfect for a bedroom. Its sleek wooden design looks just like a human bed. Keep your shedding pal off of your bed by giving him a comfortable bed of his own!

raised dog bed
via Comfort House

Stay Off the Ground 

Does your dog love the great outdoors? If you ever bring your puppy camping, hiking, or, well, even if he prefers to take his naps outdoors, this raised dog bed is a great option. It’s lightweight, yet high enough off the ground that your dog can relax without lying in the mud or wet ground.

raised dog bed
via Cabelas

The Perfect Stretch

Humans love hammocks, and guess what, so do dogs! This elevated bed option is a lot less swingy than the human hammocks I’ve seen before, so your dog will have no trouble getting in and out. Because he’ll be completely off the floor, less pressure will be on his joints, so this is a great option for an arthritic dog. Check out these pictures. There’s a cat in the second picture. I’ll bet he stole the dog’s bed just like in the video I showed you on Monday!

raised dog bed
via Pet Lounge Studios

Covered Kingdom

If your dog prefers more privacy, while still enjoying a bed raised off the floor, consider this option. He can relax on higher ground while still being covered from the elements and staying shielded by prying eyes. This tented raised dog bed is waterproof, and also made of UV-treated materials to keep it cool when out in the sun and dry from the rain. But don’t just dismiss this as just an outdoor bed. This awesome tented bed would look great indoors, as well.

raised dog bed
via The Uncommon Dog











Fit for a King or Queen

I saved the most royal raised dog bed for last! While this isn’t necessarily my style, I’ll bet all of the fashionable, regal pups of the world would love to sleep in a bejeweled bed like this.

raised dog bed
via Wayfair

Have you ever purchased a raised dog bed for your canine kid? Please share any of your favorite beds in the comments section below. I’d love to see more!

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