Dogs Watching TV

Dogs Watching TV

There is nothing funnier than seeing dogs watching TV. I wonder what they think about?  Sometimes you even catch a dog sitting on the couch like a human. It’s just too funny. Does your dog like to watch TV? If so, tell us your funniest dog TV stories. Bonus points for sharing a video of […]

The Health Benefits of Dog Ownership (There Are Lots!)

The health benefits of owning a dog include reducing allergies in young kids, increased exercise, lowered blood pressure and more… To many, owning a pet is simply about having companionship or for the feeling one gets when they have a living thing that depends on them for their happiness and well being. But, having a […]

How to Get Rid of Tapeworms in Dogs

Getting rid of tapeworms in dogs always requires a veterinarian Guest post A dog is no doubt man’s best friend. He loves you more than he loves himself. But sometimes our best friend needs much attention especially when he starts falling sick. Many dogs at some or the other phase of life are infected by […]