Six Most Common Dog Emergencies

Like us humans, there are going to be times when your dog is going to have a medical emergency.  These emergencies, as the name states, are going to have to be solved immediately.  Failing to treat or get your dog help can result in some traumatic consequences. They can also be pretty costly. Do you have pet insurance?

With that being said, it’s so important that you educate yourself about emergencies that may come to haunt your pooch.  If you don’t already have an emergency vet number handy, it’s best to do that as well.  To give you a better idea, here are some emergencies that you should be aware of:

#1 Trauma

This can include getting hit by a car, falling, getting into another dog fight or experiencing a large cut on their paw.  While most of these emergencies can come without any sign, it’s so important that you keep your eye on your dog at all times to avoid situations such as these.

#2 Poison

Any dog owner will tell you that dogs love to explore and while that can be a great thing, it isn’t always good.  With so many dangerous chemicals floating around out there, the last thing that you want to see your dog do is lick from the antifreeze on the driveway.  If you ever see your dog attempting to digest something hazardous, it’s best to get help ASAP.  Don’t forget that some foods are toxic to dogs such as chocolate or raisins.  If you haven’t done so already, be sure to get a list of human foods that make dogs sick.

#3 Choking

Like a human, choking can be a very scary experience.  Choking can be caused due to a variety of reasons.  It can include troubled breathing or even gagging due to a larger foreign object, etc.  If you suspect your dog is choking or having breathing issues, it’s best to consult with a vet as soon as you can.

#4 Seizure

A seizure can be caused by abnormal brain activity.  While most seizures can be violent, some can result in an instant death.   Generally, with a seizure, a dog will become unconscious.  Seizures are nothing that you want to play around with.  Again, if you think your dog is having them, it’s best to get help immediately. Some dogs, like Bulldogs commonly have seizures, especially in adolescence.

#5 The Heat

For those that live in warmer climates, or for those warmer days over 100 degrees, it’s so important that you keep your dog cool.  Heat strokes are a lot more common that you think when it comes to the heat.  While heat stroke can be prevented, many home owners can find their dog suffering if it runs away or is left outside on accident.

#6 Drugs

No, I’m not talking about the illegal ones, but rather, the drugs that you take for an illness, etc.  You would be surprised at how many dog owners actually leave their medications unattended.  One swallow of a pill and this can mean a serious problem for your dog.  Again, this is something that can be prevented but you would be surprised at how many vets see this problem.

While most of these problems can be prevented, it’s important that you prepare.  Make sure that you have an emergency vet number on hand and prepare a plan.  By doing so, you can be prepared for the worst case scenario.


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