What Are Bully Sticks Made Of?

I just love my bully sticks. I’m sure some other puppy moms and dads would love to know what bully sticks are made o, though. What makes them so magical and addicting to otherwise unruly dogs? Read on find out what part of the bull, Bully Sticks come from!

Oh Bully Sticks! You are a life saver. Actually they are more like a furniture saver! They help Napa’s chew crazing under control. He’ll  spend hours rolling on the floor with a bully stick. For him they are pure bliss.

So, What Are Bully Sticks Made Of? Are you ready? The are made from a Bull penis. Yup. I knew Napa had a habit of humping boy dogs at the dog park, but I guess it’s official that he wasn’t as confused as we thought he was!

They’re stinky though. I recommend the Merrick Brand. Napa loves the 9in Merrick bully sticks (aff. link). I’ve also bought these orderless bully sticks (aff. link) and have enjoyed the less obnoxious smell. Go with the odorless!

Bully sticks are an healthy alternative to raw hides. They are easily digested and do not expand like raw hides.

Tips for giving your pup bully sticks:

  • Look for free-range bully sticks when possible
  • Wash you hands after handling the bully stick
  • Store unused bully sticks in a air-tight container
  • Always keep an eye on your pup when they’re chewing on a bully stick
  • Shop around. Bully sticks can be expensive on some sites and cheaper on others

So the next time your over your other dog owners friends house, you can quiz them and see if they know what are bully sticks made of!

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