7 Singing Dogs Who Have Real Talent

Portrait of dog singing on vintage microphoneSinging dogs are the best. I only “sing” when I need to go outside to the bathroom, and my parents tell me that it’s actually called “whining” not singing. I’m not sure I know the difference. I do know that I love to watch videos of singing dogs. Some dogs are really talented! Other dogs, I wouldn’t necessarily call talented, but they are spirited! In case you don’t listen to singing dogs as often as I do, here’s seven great singers you should definitely check out.

This video is great for two reasons. First, this pup is a great singer. Second, he’s accompanied by his human sibling on the piano. Talk about a talented family!



If you think the previous video was impressive, you’ll love this next one. This dog not only sings when the piano is being played, but he is the one playing the piano! That takes extreme talent. My favorite part is the pause at the end where you can obviously tell that the dog is considering continuing and then decides: “No way. I’m done for the day.”


We’re back to another family with musical talent. However, in this household, both the humans and the dogs are singers. This is such a great video. You can tell the duet is an original. These two really feed off of one another. I can’t tell who’s the better singer though – the baby or the dog?



It’s not just children who are wild for the movie Frozen. Dogs love it too! Watch as this singing dog wakes up from his nap as soon as he hears his favorite song. Don’t worry, he’s alert enough to sing along to the song. Why wasn’t there a dog role in this movie? If a sequel ever comes out, I’d suggest writing this dog in.


We saw dogs who sang along to the piano and dogs who even played the piano. This dog loves to sing along to harmonicas. I guess who could call him a dog who loves to sing the blues. Next up for him is learning how to play the harmonica. That would be impressive!


I’ve heard my humans singing in the shower, but I’ve never thought about joining in. This dog seems to be doing vocal warm ups with his owner. I don’t hear any shower water, so I’m thinking they’re just getting in tune here. I wonder what the shower singing would sound like. I’m guessing it would be pretty powerful.


This girl can’t stop singing. At first, it seems as if she doesn’t really want to start, but once she starts, she just cannot stop! At the time this video was posted, this pup was waiting on some good human to adopt her. I’ll bet a director on Broadway scooped her right off her paws.


Don’t you just love singing dogs? Let us know which of the seven videos was your favorite in the comments section. If I missed a good video, feel free to share it with me!

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