Meet the Quinn Popcorn Office Dog

I’m a snacker. I love to find out the best snack office dogs have ever eaten around the office, because I sure have found some interesting and unexpected treats during the work day. One snack I’d love for my colleagues to stock up on would be popcorn. Crunch, crunch, crunch! Can you believe how excited I was when Quinn Popcorn allowed me to interview Punkin, their office dog? If I were their office dog, there would be a huge chunk of stock missing! Thanks again, Quinn Popcorn for the opportunity. 

Photo 1 - Meet Punkin

Napa: What breed are you?

Punkin: I’m Punkin, and I’m an Australian Shepard Mix. 20% Australian Shepard, 75% Mysterious Natural Beauty, and 5% Spunk and Sass.

Photo 2 - Punkin and ColbyNapa: Tell me more about working at Quinn Popcorn.

Punkin: Working at Quinn Popcorn is great. The people are really friendly, and I get to hang out with the other office dog, Colby. He has much more popcorn experience than I do, so he really took me under his paw and helped me learn the business.  Thanks, Colb-ster!

Napa: What is a typical day like in the office?

Punkin: The days that I get to go into the office are the best. They start with a car ride, which is one of my favorite things. With the windows down and the cool Colorado wind in my face, we pass several farms with cows, horses, sheep, and llamas along the way. Upon arrival, I quickly down my first bowl of water and really focus in on my priorities. Morning bunny patrol is on the top of my list, and it’s very important that I have several hours of uninterrupted time laying in front of the windows in the warehouse. I do this so I can keep track of any outside activity and closely monitor the bunny hopping patterns, making notes of areas of interest to sniff when I finally get to go on my walk. I love the walking trails behind the office. There’s a nice little creek, and the mountain views are pretty outrageous. My afternoon calendar is mostly blocked off for napping underneath my best friend’s desk and doing my adorable tricks for treats. Who wants a high-five?

Photo 3 - Typical Office Day

Napa: Whose desk do you sit under most often?

Punkin: I sit under my best friend Ashley’s desk the most. She knows how to keep it real and has a little bed set up for me under there with a blanket and toys. It’s nice, quiet, and safe from the other people who may step on me because they don’t see me. I’m a pretty quiet dog!

Napa: When you get bored around the office (in between important in the office tasks), how do you keep busy?

Punkin: I have several choice chew toys on hand that help me work through the boredom of the daily grind. My bacon-flavored stick is my go-to, and I’ve got a great tasting bone as back-up. When all else fails, I go back to bunny watching or wag my tail, give a long stretch, and bat my adorable eyes at my best friend until she takes me outside.

Napa: What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten around the office (even if you weren’t supposed to)?

Punkin: The Quinn Popcorn Crew does a monthly pancake breakfast, and what breakfast is complete without bacon? I love bacon! We also have a lot of friends who will send us dog treats, and right now, I’m munching on some awesome goodies from The Honest Kitchen. The Chicken & Cranberry Smooches are delicious and shaped like hearts. How cute is that?

Napa: What’s your favorite funny dog video? Please share the link! 


Napa: Where are you from? What’s your favorite trait about the area you live in?

Punkin: I’m a Colorado native, and I love all the open space that is in Boulder and the surrounding areas. There are so many hiking trails where I’m allowed to wander off my leash and be independent. Freedom in the wild is amazing and makes me very happy!

Photo 7 - More Hikes Please!

Napa: If you could tell your human co-workers anything, what would it be?

Punkin: Can we please go on more hikes together? Please? Let’s get outside and explore!

Photo 8 - Seasonal Scarf

Napa: Can you share any advice for other office dogs?

Punkin: Never underestimate the power of making a good first impression. Always stay nicely groomed and don’t leave the house without your best fashion accessory: a seasonal scarf.

Napa: If you could create any fun flavor of popcorn, what would it be?

Punkin: Peanut butter and pepperoni. Two of my favorite things!

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  1. As fellow Coloradans, we loved seeing such a terrific pooch from the Centennial State. Well done, Punkin! And can I just say your ears have the most adorable pose (one up/one down). I’ll be looking out for that peanut butter popcorn. 🙂

  2. Hello there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this web site before but after going through a few of the articles I realized it’s new to me. Anyhow, I’m certainly happy I came across it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently!

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