8 Dog Breeds That Like To Cuddle

8 dog breeds that love to cuddle - Napa's Daily GrowlLooking for dog breeds that like to cuddle? Check out these eight contenders!

I love to snuggle. Sneaking into my parents’ bed is one of my favorite past times. Well, unless it’s the summer. Then those humans make me too hot. Don’t worry, I bark until they turn up the air conditioner, and then I jump into bed and make sure there is enough room for me.

Are you looking for a forever friend who likes to snuggle like me? Perhaps one of these eight dog breeds that like to cuddle will be a perfect match.

Shih Tzu

If you’re looking for a small dog who loves to spend time with his humans, a Shih Tzu is a great option. He’s small enough to be allowed in apartments. The best part of getting a small dog is that your legs won’t go numb when he lays on them for his afternoon siesta.


Compared to the Shih Tzu, the Newfoundland will definitely make you go numb if he lays on you. In fact, this pup usually weighs between 150 and 175 pounds. While he’ll definitely need some exercise, he’ll enjoy long naps on the side of you on the couch.


If you’re looking for a high-energy dog that you can spend days hiking or running with, yet come home and snuggle, a Whippet is a breed you might want to look into. Just make sure that you have enough energy to keep up with your pup. This dog will need regular workouts (and regular nap time!).

American Eskimo

American Eskimos are small-to-medium size dogs who bond with their human counterparts. The breed can be extremely energetic and he’ll love it if you exercise with him. As long as he gets the chance to let off some extra energy, he’ll be ready to cuddle in no time.


Did you really think I’d write a post about dog breeds that like to cuddle without mentioning my own breed? Goldendoodles love to cuddle. Trust me, this comes from person experience as well as lots of research. Maybe it’s because both Golden Retrievers and Poodles (the breeds that make our perfect mix) also like to cuddle. Can you believe it? A breed bred just to snuggle up to our human friends.

Labrador Retreiver

Part of the reason that Labs make such great therapy dogs is because they genuinely care for their human friends. Labrador Retrievers make great family pets, especially if someone in your family enjoys snuggle time with a furry friend.


If you’re looking for both a guard dog and a lap dog, you’ve met your match in a Chihuahua. I’ve got two best pals who are part Chihuahua and these gals love to cuddle with their parents. However, they are cautious with new people, so be sure to socialize them young and early if you’re looking for a lap dog who plays well with others.


Not only will loyal Pugs follow their human friends from room to room, they’ll also insist on some cuddling time every day. Whether this means naptime on the couch, or cuddling beside you in bed, Pugs will find a way to love up to their humans.


Even though these eight types of dogs love to snuggle with their human friends, just remember, there are other dog breeds that like to cuddle. Do you have a snuggler that lives with you? If so, let us know his or her breed in the comments!

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