Buying Dog ID Tags? Here’s What to Consider

Mixed breed dog.If you’re planning on purchasing dog ID tags, I can tell you how to do it correctly!


Everywhere I go I get complimented on my dog ID tags. I’m not trying to brag, but it’s true. If I’m forced to wear dog jewelry, you better believe I’m going to get something stylish to wear around my neck.

What should appear on dog ID tags?

Your pup’s name

This might sound obvious, but one of the first things you should do is put your dog’s name on his new ID. If he were to get lost, your dog would feel more comfortable with whoever finds him if they are using his name while communicating with him. In fact, you may feel more at ease when you’re contacted by someone telling you they have your dog if they are able to identify him not only by markings, but by his very own name.

Your cell phone number

If your dog runs away or you notice your dog is missing, chances are you’ll grab your cell phone before running out to look for him. You can’t grab an office or home phone and take it on the road with you. If anyone finds your dog before you do, and they can contact your cell phone, and reach you immediately.

Just remember – if you ever change your cell phone number, you need to order new dog ID tags right away. You never know when your dog might go missing, so you can’t rely on old information to return your four-legged friend to you. In the time you’re waiting for the new tags to get shipped to you, try covering the old information with a sticker and write a new number on there with a marker if you have to.

Your address

Some humans choose to include their address on the tags in the hopes that their dog will be returned right to their home by a kind stranger if he goes missing. Other humans don’t want to share personal details like that for just anyone to find. Use your best judgement when you decide whether or not you should include an address on your pet’s ID tag. If you do choose to include it and decide to move at any point, make sure to update the ID tag.


What should you include with your dog ID tag?

Microchip ID information

Does your dog have a microchip? If so, he likely received a special tag at the time of the which indicates the microchip company’s phone number and your pet ID number. This is another security measure you can use to be sure your pet gets returned to you is he goes missing.

Vaccination Tags

Does your state, city, or town require that your dog wears proof of vaccination at all times? Some do! My friend Fenway lives in Massachusetts, and she has to wear her rabies ID tag along with her dog ID tags at all times. If your area requires this, be sure your pup stays in compliance!


Things to consider when ordering dog ID tags:

  • Be sure to check your pet’s ID tags a few times a year. You’ll want to make sure the information is still current, and also that it is legible for anyone to read.
  • Choose a tag that best fits your dog. If you ha a very small dog, you wouldn’t want to get large, heavy metals tags. If your dog has very long or curly fur, be sure the tag won’t get matted in their hair.
  • If you’re bothered by the sound of metal clanging against metal – trust me, we don’t like it much either, and it’s closer to our ears – purchase a dog tag silencer. Usually, these are tiny pouches that fit around the tags to prevent them from making noise.
  • If your dog doesn’t like a tag attachment, you can order a collar with a built-in ID tag instead.
  • If you find a company who makes quality tags for a great price, you might want to invest in more than one dog ID tag at a time.

Have you ever purchased dog ID tags in the past? What other information did you include to ensure your pet would be safely returned? Let us know in the comments section below.

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