Is Your Dog Sleeping a Lot? 5 Times You Need to be Concerned

Ever hear the expression “Let sleeping dogs lie”? That is a real statement unless of course, you find a dog sleeping a lot more than usual, but how do you know when you need to be concerned?

Humans are always saying how I’ve got it made, and I can’t disagree with them because you can catch this dog sleeping a LOT. In fact, most dogs do. Some sleep a little more or less than others depending on their breed, size, age, and health, but on average most dogs are restful creatures. The AKC states that the average adult dog sleeps 12-14 hours in a day where a puppy may need anywhere from 18-20 hours in a single day. That’s a lot of shut eye!

dog sleeping a lot

If you suspect your dog is sleeping a lot due to any of the following reasons, then you should give your veterinarian a call as soon as possible.

1. Depression

Dogs, like humans, are susceptible to depression. Lots of things can contribute to the mental well being of your dog. Some dogs are more sensitive than others when it comes to significant life changes such as moving homes, losing another family pet, or the loss of a loved one. Dogs that are depressed tend to sleep more than usual, and may even have changes in appetite. If you think your dog is depressed, it’s essential to get them checked out to get them out of this funk.

2. Parasites

Heart worm and other parasites can cause exhaustion in dogs, which makes total sense since parasites are disgusting and feed off whatever host they choose. If your dog is acting more sluggish than usual, they could have worms. Sometimes worms are visible in a dog’s fecal matter, but they aren’t always easy to see. A simple stool test can tell you if your dog has parasites, and the treatment all depends on the dog and how stubborn the parasite is.

3. Heart conditions

Heart disease and congestive heart failure can be a problem for some dogs and one symptom to look out for is severe exhaustion. Is your dog out of breath or less interested in physical activity? Are they coughing or having a hard time settling down? Is your dog sleeping a lot more than usual? These are some signs of heart problems that should be looked at immediately. When heart issues are left untreated, they can be deadly.

4. Hypothyroidism

Hypothyroidism is a condition that affects the production of thyroxine, the hormone that controls their metabolism. When a dog’s metabolism isn’t functioning correctly, it can cause fur loss, a slowed heart rate, and even muscle loss. In extreme cases, their immune system attacks their thyroid, but thankfully, this is not a deadly condition. It’s treatable, and mostly affects medium to large sized dogs that are between four and ten years of age.

5. Diabetes

When dogs hit advanced stages of diabetes, it can be devastating to pet owners. A diabetic dog’s body is not processing sugar the correct way. They are lacking in proper nutrition and have limited fuel to survive. Besides becoming lethargic, diabetic dogs can also experience excessive thirst and urination as well as weight loss. Never let diabetes go untreated. As soon as you think your dog is showing symptoms, you need to make an appointment with your vet. If a dog tests positive for diabetes he may need insulin to get his levels to where they need to be.

dog sleeping a lot

Some dogs are just naturally lazy like me, but some have conditions that cause abnormal exhaustion.

If you find a dog sleeping a lot more than they should, then it’s time to pay some extra attention to see if you can spot some additional symptoms. Sleepiness can be a sign that something is wrong, so you never want to ignore it. Call your vet right away.

Do you find your dog is sleeping a lot more than they should? Or are they just lazy? Share a story about your furry friend in the comments.

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