Why Are Dogs’ Noses Wet When Humans’ Are Dry?

dog nose close upWhy are dogs’ noses wet? Well, the answer is simple!

It’s been commonly believed that the wetness level of a dog’s nose can tell you a lot about her health. Have you heard that one yet? I’ve heard that people assume that a cold, wet nose equals good health, and a warm, dry nose means the pup might be getting sick. Sorry to burst your bubble, humans, but I have no clue where this rumor first started. Do you believe it? Have you ever worried that your dog was sick because she had a dry nose?

So, why are dogs’ noses wet?

I asked some of my coworkers about their dogs. While Mary’s dog often has a wet nose, Erin’s four-legged friend generally has a dry, but lightly-damp nose. Mary’s dog’s nose is usually wet to touch, but not drippy. Erin’s dog’s nose usually feels cool-to-touch, but occasionally you can see drippy wetness, especially around her nostrils. Me? Well, I like to think my nose is perfectly moist all of the time.

There are many reasons why a dog’s nose might feel dry, and none of them should worry you much. You may notice that your dog’s nose is dry most often when he wakes up from sleeping. In fact, some breeds have tongues that do not reach their nose. You’ll find these dogs often get chapped noses. Their mostly dry noses don’t mean that they’re ill. It’ simply means their nose is lacking moisture. Sometimes dry air will make for a dry nose, same as how humidity will affect a nose.

But wait: Why are dogs’ noses wet?

All right, I know I haven’t answered that part yet. Dogs’ noses get everywhere. Think about how wet your dog’s nose can get after she takes a drink from her water bowl. Another reason a dog’s nose may always be damp is because the dog may be licking her nose and whisker area. Besides the liquid transfer from the mouth, the inside of a dog’s nose is also a very wet place. The fluids in your dog’s nose – used for heightened smell and also to keep your dog cool – often leak to the outside of her nose.

So why aren’t humans’ noses wet all the time? Well, if you go based off the list of reasons why dogs’ noses are wet, I think the answer is pretty simple. Humans don’t need to stick their nose into a bowl in order to get a drink of water. They use cups, silly. (However, one of my coworkers has been known to drink too quickly, and ends up with water on her face. Sometimes her nose even gets wet.) Next, I’ve seen many humans lick their lips before, but I’ve never seen a human lick their nose. Once, I saw a human touch her tongue to her nose, but that was as much contact as I’ve seen. So I think it’s pretty self-explanatory as to why humans’ noses are not wet all the time.

There is one time that a human’s nose can get wet, and it’s pretty awful to watch. Have you ever saw a human get a head cold? Oh, it’s awful. There’s so much snot and redness and wetness happening in the middle of a human’s face. It’s unbearable to watch. Just carry over a box of tissues in your mouth, drop them off, and find some trouble you can get into (quietly) in another room.

Is your dog’s nose soaked or barely damp? Let us know in the comments section below!

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