Indestructible Dog Toys I Can’t Wait to Try

I love to play, which is why I need my parents to buy me some new indestructible dog toys! Honestly, I love tearing toys apart. It’s an obsession.

Call me an aggressive chewer if you must, but once I get started, I can’t stop until I’ve ruined the toy! Have you heard the toys that squeak? Those drive me crazy. I’ll find that sound if it is the last thing I do.

There are so many reasons pet parents should look into purchasing indestructible dog toys when possible. The most obvious reason is because they are fun. Toys should play hard to get. The harder the toy is to break, the more we’re going to try.

But to get serious, the stronger a toy is, the less likely it will be that you’ll have dog-toy stuffing all over your house. When purchasing indestructible dog toys, you can worry less about mess, and sometimes even safety concerns. I’ll bet you’re worried about your dog swallowing little pieces of toys. Trust me, they aren’t too pleasant on the way out, either, so the more durable the toy, the better!


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The first toy I’d love to try is the Tuffy Rubber Alligator. My co-worker loves alligators, so I’m sure she’d toss the ball around for me. This is the perfect toy for me to play with while everyone is working. There is a spot in the gator head where humans can hide treats. It’s like a puppy piñata! I can play with this all day while my co-workers are busy writing.


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I also really want to try the Tuffy Ultimate Boomerang. I have the Tuffy Bone at work, and it’s great. I haven’t broken any seams or anything yet. The only problem with the Tuffy Bone is that it isn’t easy to play tug-of-war, which is a favorite game of one of my co-workers. The Tuffy Ultimate Boomerang has multiple sections to grab with your teeth or your hands if you’re a human. Who likes playing solo all of the time?


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I also want to try the Invincible Gecko. I’ve heard the squeak never goes away. The squeakers in that toy were specially engineered to withstand even the sharpest canine tooth. That is awesome! You might need to purchase a pair of earplugs for yourself when you buy this toy for your dog, because I can’t promise it will be quiet in your house.


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The Mighty Green Tequila Worm provides layers of fun. It is my ultimate interest right now. The toy is plush on the outside, but strong on the inside as it contains five balls. Worse case scenario, if I actually chew through the outside, I can play with the balls. Plus, the best part is that there is no stuffing on the inside, so it won’t make a mess. Oh, and I can always bring it swimming with me, because it floats.

So what do you say, mom and dad? Can you please get me some new indestructible dog toys? Woof!

Let me know if you recommend any good indestructible dog toys in the comments section!

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