Thinknear Introduces a Brand New Office Dog

We all know I’m obsessed with office-dog life. What you may know is that I have a particular interest in brand new office dogs, especially the youngest generation. It’s just so fun to start a first career! Today you’ll get to meet Dixie, a super-young Terrier, who works at Thinknear. She’s the future of our working generation, and I’m just so excited that she’d let me interview her. Thanks, Thinknear!


Napa: What breed are you?

Dixie: Terrier mix! My dad was a Tibetan Terrier, and my mom was a beautiful mix. I look most like my mom right now!

Napa: Tell me more about working at Thinknear.

Dixie: Working at Thinknear is great! Everyone is very friendly (dogs and humans), and the office is lots of fun. It’s fun being the baby. Thinknear is a mobile marketing platform, so everyone is always talking about “great creative” and something called “programmatic.” I’m not sure I know what that is yet, but I’m sure I will soon. I’m excited to grow up here and share my ideas someday. I don’t think I’m supposed to say them out loud – the humans said something about there being people on the phone – so I will have to get creative!

Napa: Whose desk do you sit under most often?

Dixie: I sit in the middle of my mommy’s team so that everyone can pet me.

Napa: When you get bored around the office (in between important in the office tasks), how do you keep busy?

Dixie: I go over and play with the other office dogs or get taken on a walk outside the building. There are lots of dogs in our office park, and my best friend Coco also works at Thinknear!

Dixie with Mila and Coco

Napa: What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten around the office (even if you weren’t supposed to)?

Dixie: They serve lunch here every Thursday. Last week we had BBQ, and a piece of steak fell on the floor. Five second rule applied, and I ate it in under that time!

Napa: What’s your favorite funny dog video? Please share the link!

Dixie: Since I am still a puppy, I love sleepy puppy videos; I think I should star in my own. However, I am also a rescue, so I love this video:

Napa: Where are you from? What’s your favorite trait about the area you live in?

Dixie: I’m an L.A. girl! I was rescued by Jimi’s Angels that is located in the Bark ‘n’ Bitches store. Now I live in sunny Santa Monica near the beach, which is the best part. Everyone loves the beach!

Napa: If you could tell your human co-workers anything, what would it be?

Dixie: I love getting to spend my day with all my human friends and canine friends. I think having dogs at the office is the best perk. If I could tell them one thing, it’s that I volunteer for kitchen clean-up duty!

Napa: Can you share any advice for other office dogs?

Dixie: Whatever you do, don’t do your business in the office.

Dixie sleeping

Napa: You’re brand new to office-dog life. What is your favorite part so far about being a working dog? If you could start any dog friendly activities in your office, what would you do?

Dixie: The time I get to spend with my mommy and the fact that everyone seems to leave happier after they play with me. I would love to have a Puppy Bowl!

Are you an office dog? Is your co-worker a canine? We’d love to hear from you! Get in touch via email or leave a note in the comments section below!

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