5 Favorite Dog Apps

Enjoy these five dog apps on your smartphone!

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My humans in the BuzzFarmers office are super high-tech. They are always connected to some type of device, specifically cell phones or laptops. In fact, the humans usually take lots of pictures of me, because, well, I’m handsome. Plus, I regularly do interesting and incredible things, or so they tell me! Recently they shared a great post about an app we all loved called Be My Eyes. If you haven’t downloaded the app yet, go do it. The post inspired me to think about my favorite dog apps. It’s true, my furry paws aren’t quite made for the touch-sensitive iPhone, but my parents are kind enough to download and use any dog app I suggest.

Here’s a selection of a few of my favorite dog apps. I recommend downloading them for you and your furry friend. Keep in mind though, most dog apps can only be accessed through your phone, not through a basic Internet search. Since we’re iPhone users, we go straight to the App Store to make our purchase, though most are these are accessible on Androids as well.


1. The Dog Park Finder Plus


This app is great! If you’re like me and love going to dog parks, it’s worth it to pay the tiny fee to download this application on your phone. It can tell you all the parks nearby, and when you select a park, you’ll get to read reviews and find out details about the dog park. Plus, many users submit photos, and this can help you make your decision about whether or not to visit. If you make a decision to go there, simply click “Get Directions” and it will use your phone’s GPS to bring you to the park.


2. DoggyDatez


Ignore the improper spelling of this app, and download it. I’m a social guy, and I love to make new friends. This app is funny because it allows you to “mark your territory.” Once you do that, other users can check in to your most frequented spots, and you find new places to bring your dog by checking into other pup’s “territories.” You’re able to use the app to search for other users by gender, age, dog gender, dog age, and dog breed.


3. Bring Fido


I wish I had this app on my most recent cross-country trip with my parents. My mom spent so much time researching pet-friendly hotels and attractions before the trip and also while on the road. This sure would have been helpful! Want to know the coolest thing about the app? Not only does it let you search for pet-friendly accommodations, but you can book your stay right away! One reason this app is better than other dog apps is because it includes each hotel’s pet-policy and even alerts you of things to do nearby.


4. petMD Symptom Checker


This app is great if you’re on-the-go, and you have questions about your furry friend. It has a great search feature, which allows you to check their library of thousands of animal articles to try to identify what is going on with your pet. One disclaimer: I mention this every time I talk about dog health, but the best thing to do if you are worried about your dog is to check with his veterinarian. The Symptom Checker is great for day-to-day use, but if you’re concerned, call the pet vet!


5. Clicker Training



Looking for dog apps which will help you train your new four-legged friend? Don’t get carpal tunnel syndrome with a store-bought clicker trainer. Download this app and click until your puppy understands the command. It works just like a physical clicker though it’s even more convenient. This app includes training tips and videos too, so you’ll be extra prepared.


Which dog apps are your favorite? Let us know in the comments.

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