Napa’s 7 Favorite Dog-Friendly Stores

Do you shop at these dog friendly stores? Bring your dog shopping with you!

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Foot Locker

If your dog needs to approve your walking shoes so that you don’t shame him at the dog park, bring your pooch to Foot Locker with you. Trust me: I’ve seen a few weird-looking human sneakers in the past. What kind of dog lets their human out of the house with multicolored sneakers? Even if you’re a stylish human, you might need a second opinion. If your dog is the type who likes to chew on shoes, don’t bring him!

Barnes and Noble

Is your four-legged friend the literary type? Don’t hesitate to let him help you pick out your newest book at Barnes and Noble. I’ve heard that bookstores are great places for humans to meet a special someone. If you want to one up your competition, bringing your cute, cuddly, well-behaved pet shopping with you: He’s bound to help you land a date. I mean, anyone who doesn’t love dogs probably isn’t someone you should date in the first place!

Home Depot or Lowe’s

Does your dog love home improvement? Maybe your house is in such a disarray of unfinished projects that you need your general contrator – ahem, your dog – to come along for some guidance. Both of these home stores are dog-friendly stores, so it doesn’t make a difference which one you shop at. I haven’t seen it yet, but I’ve heard from a few trustworthy pals that some cashiers even have dog treats to share at checkout!

Bass Pro Shops

Does your dog love the outdoors? Do you take him on fishing or camping trips? Bring him to Bass Pro Shops before your next big trip. Don’t forget to bring him there during the holidays, too, so he can take a picture with Santa. Santa loves puppy pictures.

Petsmart and Petco

I’ll bet you’re thinking, “Duh!” These dog-friendly stores cater to their leashed dog customers, but not all pet stores do. They even have a doggy daycare service in some locations, but be sure to call ahead for availability and to be sure they allow your breed. There’s one thing to keep in mind at a pet store. It’s not a good idea to let your pet “sample” all of the dog toys or bones. If your dog slobbers all over the toys or punctures it with his teeth, no one else will want to buy it. To be able to keep shopping in pet stores, we shouldn’t sample too much.

Some things to consider before bringing your pup to these dog-friendly stores:

Here’s one thing to keep in mind: While all of these stores are friendly to pups, that doesn’t mean you can let your four-legged friend run wild all over the place. Be sure to keep us leashed and under your control at all times. We don’t get to go shopping very often, so we usually get very excited about all the new smells, sights, and people. Remember to also bring any cleaning supplies with you if you bring us to any of these dog-friendly stores. There’s a chance our excitement could lead to an accident, and it’s your responsibility to clean up after your pup.

Oh, and one more thing: Even though these stores are dog-friendly, it’s still up to the store manager whether pups will be allowed in their store. Don’t forget to call beforehand if you aren’t familiar with the store’s policy.

Have you ever brought your pet to these dog-friendly stores? Which is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

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