How Often Should You Groom Your Dog?

Everyone wonders “How often should you groom your dog?” and the answer is here!

Dog groomingI love to get groomed! Being clean and getting my hair trimmed makes me look good, and when I look good, I feel good too! Because I have hypoallergenic hair, I often go to the groomers. Sometimes my parents wonder, “How often should you groom your dog?” If I’m honest with you, sometimes I keep myself so clean and presentable that it looks like I might never need a trip to the groomers. Other time, especially in the summer when I can roll around in the mud, I look like I should be at the groomers every single week.

There are many things you or a groomer can do to keep your dog both healthy and looking good!

How Often Should You Groom Your Dog? His Bathing Needs

The truth is, unless your dog has been rubbing himself in something smelly or is covered in a mess, he only needs to be bathed every two to four months. If you bathe your dog more frequently, it is possible his skin may become dry. Your groomer will keep a record of your dog’s bathing and will know how often he needs to be cleaned. If you’re bathing your dog at home, be sure to provide a non-slip surface for your dog to stand while you suds him and wash him off. Always use a made-for-dogs shampoo, and don’t use human shampoos as they can be too harsh for dogs’ skin. In the cooler months, be sure to help dry your dog off well, as wet or damp hair can lower your dog’s body temperature. If your dog gets dirty in between bathing sessions, you could always use a wet cloth to give your furball a sponge bath.

How Often Should You Groom Your Dog? His Nail Needs

Dogs are often brought to the groomers to get their nails cut. While every dog’s claws grow at different speeds, it’s important to keep an eye on the length. If your dog’s nails are not cut often enough, they can grow to be too long and cause your dog serious pains. Your dog’s nails can be cut by either his groomer, veterinarian, or even by you at home!

How Often Should You Groom Your Dog? His Teeth Needs

Do you brush your dog’s teeth? If you just laughed at me, I’ll have to ask you to reconsider. Brushing your dog’s teeth regularly can help prevent future costly teeth problems. Tooth brushing doesn’t need to be done daily, but ideally would be practiced a few times a week. You could use a small children’s toothbrush or a finger brush meant for a dog’s mouth. Be sure to only use toothpaste for dogs as human toothpaste could upset your dog’s stomach. My favorite flavor of toothpaste is beef! Many groomers will not touch your dog’s teeth, so if you are looking for dental assistance, be sure to call ahead of the appointment to find out what if any services are available.

How Often Should You Groom Your Dog? His Brushing Needs

Some dogs love to be brushed; other dogs do not like brushing at all. Depending on the length and texture of your dog’s hair, you may want to begin a regular brushing routine. If your dog does not feel comfortable being brushed, there is no need to force him. If your dog is comfortable with brushing, it may be a relaxing time for you and your pup. There are many options of combs you can use for your dog, but keep in mind – if you aren’t brushing, be sure you’re petting! If you bring your dog to a groomer, he will get brushed well regardless of hair length or texture.

Still wondering how often should you groom your dog? My best tip is consider your dog’s lifestyle and presentation needs. If you think that he or she may need more or less grooming, you may be right.

How often do you groom your dog? Let us know if you have any tips in the comments!

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