How to Have a Safe and Dog-Friendly Holidays

Dogs and ChristmasThere’s no need to worry about dog-friendly holidays. Follow these tips to ensure a safe and healthy holiday season.

Do you know how to have healthy and dog-friendly holidays? I love the holiday season. Everything is so bright and festive, and all of my family and friends get together to celebrate. As fun as the holidays may be, there are many precautions you humans should consider to keep your furry pals safe.

If your house reflects a festive state of mind, there’s a lot to consider. Have you decorated with mistletoe and holly? While both decorations are beautiful, they can be poisonous to dogs (and cats, too, but who’s talking about them!). If you love the look, it’s best to be safe and purchase artificial holly and mistletoe.

Did you purchase a real tree this holiday season? I love real trees. They just smell so good! If your tree needs to rest in water, find a way to cover the water bowl. Besides sap and pine needles, there are fertilizers and even pesticides that may make their way into the water. Plus, if you put a bowl on the floor, we’re going to think it’s ours to drink, even if there is a tree in the middle of it.

And while we’re talking about trees, maybe we should discuss how alluring they seem to some dogs. I get pretty mesmerized by the lights and the beauty of all the ornaments, but I tend to just stare and not touch. I’ve heard from some of my close dog friends that they touch their Christmas trees. Some have even bitten the branches to pull it down. (That’s basically when I question my friendships. Who in their right mind would ever want to pull down a tree?)

If your dog seems to be more interested in touching the tree than looking at it, you might want to set some barriers to keep your dog away from the tree. Whether your tree is artificial or real, a fallen tree can make a huge mess. Not only that, but it poses a potential threat to your dog if he were to eat broken pieces of ornaments or drink the tree water.

You might want to consider taping down all loose cords. Even if normally your puppy shows no interest in chewing on electrical cords, twinkling lights might suddenly make your pup lose his mind. To keep these dog-friendly holidays from turning into a trip to the veterinarian, it’s best to tape everything down.

Also, does your dog like to open presents? I’ll be honest here: I like to eat things that I’m not supposed to. If you plan on unwrapping gifts near me, it’s likely I’ll slip away with some paper and ribbons to munch on. If your dog does the same, you might want to be cautious and keep a close eye on your dog while opening gifts.

Does your dog have his very own stocking? Great! Be sure to stock it full with treats, but don’t do that too early. Remember that our sense of smell is much stronger than yours. If we smell those treats we’re going to have to tear down the stocking and snack. It’s actually pretty confusing if you ask me. Humans make dogs work for their treats all the time. But when you hide treats in a stocking, you expect us not to eat it? I don’t get it.

Finally , if you’re going to be away for the holidays, it might be a good idea to hire a dog sitter who is familiar with your dog. If you must hire a new sitter, be sure that they are attentive and aware of any danger signs. Be sure to leave your veterinarian’s information with them just to be on the safe side.

And remember, if your dog is so well behaved that you don’t need to worry about any of activities, give them more treats in their holiday stocking!

Are you worried about dog-friendly holidays? Share your concerns in the comments section.

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