What is a Dog Tracking Chip?

What is a dog tracking chip? Simple: it’s a method to help you find your lost dog!
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When I heard that my pal had a dog tracking chip implanted during her stay at the animal shelter, I was shocked. What is a dog tracking chip? I think I’ve watched too many science fiction movies, because my imagination took off when I heard about this. Since I’m a fan of researching anything I’m not sure about, I took the liberty to learn about dog tracking chips, often called microchips.

What is a dog tracking chip?

A dog tracking chip is a microchip that is implanted underneath your furry friend’s skin – usually between the shoulder blades – by a veterinarian or at an animal shelter. Don’t freak out when you hear the word “microchip,” like I did. The entire tracking chip is about as small as a large grain of rice! Now, I’ve eaten a lot of rice in my day, and I can vouch that even large grains are super tiny.

The implantation of a microchip is similar to your dog getting a vaccination shot and won’t hurt at all. No anesthetic is necessary to implant a dog tracking chip, and your dog won’t notice he has a new accessory.

Why do dogs get tracking chips implanted?

Great question! The reason dogs get microchips implanted is so they can be identified if the dog gets lost. Once found, someone at a shelter or veterinary clinic can use a special wand to scan and see if your dog has been microchipped. In doing so, the dog doctor or shelter staff will be able to read the missing dog’s identification number on the identification wand. They can use this information to get in contact with the pet’s parents for a safe, happy reunion. Sounds wonderful, doesn’t it?

Should my dog have a microchip?

Microchipping your dog is a personal decision! Some families want their pup to have a tracking chip, while other families are less worried about it. Some shelters even have a policy where they microchip any dog before it gets adopted. If your dog hasn’t been microchipped, though you’d like him to be, you can just request it at your next veterinarian visit.

Whether or not your dog gets a tracking chip, he should always wear his dog ID tags. A microchip does not replace ID tags!

What should I be aware of if my dog gets a tracking chip?

The number one thing to remember if you choose to microchip your dog is that it is not GPS. If your dog gets loose, you can’t “track” him and no one will send you directions to his whereabouts.

Another very important thing to remember is to always update your tracking information with the microchip company. That means completing the enrollment form right after chipping or adopting. It also means that you can’t forget to update it every time you move.

Are dogs the only species with microchips?

No way! So many other animals are hip to the tracking trend, and for various reasons. Cats are another household pet who regularly get microchipped. Farm animals like horses and cows often get microchipped, though sometimes they get an ear tag versus an implantation.

Now there’s no need to wonder “What is a dog tracking chip!” Does your dog have a microchip? Let us know in the comments!

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