Why Do Dogs Scratch Themselves?

Why Do Dogs Scratch ThemselvesWhy do dogs scratch themselves? Every time I hear this question, my fur shutters a little! Well, why do humans scratch themselves? Because we all get itchy!

But seriously, I get asked that question all of the time, so I might as well publicly answer it. There are many reasons why we might start scratching. Now, I’ve heard a lot of humans complain that our itching and scratching drives them nuts. If that is the case, how do you think we feel? If we are itching like crazy, we probably feel as if we are going crazy, too!


Here are the most common reasons that dogs itch themselves:


Why Do Dogs Scratch? Bugs!

Have you ever had a creepy crawler on you? What if it was somewhere you couldn’t reach? I’ll bet you didn’t like it. For some reason unknown to me, bugs seem to love dogs, which is why I’ve never been fond of insects. You can’t call me a killer, but I’m not going to be too upset if I shit on a tick. Fleas and mites are two unwelcome inhabitants that can cause dogs a lot of stress, itching, and scratching. Consult your vet immediately if you think your dog is itching due to bugs. They’ll be able to provide you with medication.


Why Do Dogs Scratch? Skin Infections!

There are many fungal, bacterial, or yeast infections you dog could come in contact with. If your dog has been near another dog with ringworm, he could become infected, as well. Yeast infections can also develop on dogs, creating sores that your dog may lick or itch when uncomfortable. Bacterial dermatitis may also be the culprit of why your dog is scratching. All of these conditions should be treated by your vet, so be sure to bring your dog to the office!


Why Do Dogs Scratch? Allergens!

Did you know that plain ol’ lawn grass can sometimes be an allergen to a dog? Some dogs can develop what’s called a “hot spot” that they itch and itch if their body is responding to an allergen in their environment. Allergens can also come from food, as well. Many dogs have an allergic reactions to their dog food, and this causes them to itch. If the itching becomes a problem, and your dog has developed a “hot spot,” be sure to check with your veterinarian to see if they can help.


Why Do Dogs Scratch? Shedding!

Some very furry dogs – like Siberian Huskies –go through a major shedding, and I’ve heard it can be very itchy. Think about it. They’re already covered in a lot of warm fur, but yet more fur starts to grow in, and this can sometimes happen in the warm weather. You can help your shedding dog get some relief by brushing your dog to remove the excess fur.


Why Do Dogs Scratch? Because We Have an Itch!

You ever get itchy for no reason? Even if there are no bugs on  you? Yup, same thing happens to me. Sometimes it feels like there is something on me, and I scratch. Sometimes I’m bored, and I scratch. Sometimes I’m asleep, and I scratch. I just can’t help it.

If you think your dog is excessively scratching, check him out. If you can’t find any fleas (those suckers are hard to spot) or any other obvious symptoms, it might be a good idea to still make an appointment with the veterinarian. Your dog could be suffering in silence. I mean, even if we told you we were itchy, would you understand us?


Does your dog itch a lot? Have You ever taken him to the veterinarian for excessive scratching? Let us know in the comments!

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