After a snotty day on the couch surrounded by tissues, and then chasing Napa around after said tissues, I thought to myself.. can I get Napa sick with my human cold? I guessed it was unlikely, but took to the interwebs to find out!

So if you are sick, you may be asking yourself. Can my dog catch my cold?

According to the Berkshire Humane Society your dog can’t catch the following from you:

  • Common cold
  • Influenza
  • Stomach flu
  • Mononucleosis

They also go on to mention that most bacteria and virus are species specific. So no need to worry, the next time you ask yourself,”Can My Dog Catch My Cold?” you’ll know, they can’t!

One last thought about dogs and human colds. The next time your under the weather force yourself to bring your pup on a walk. Exercise (in moderation) is very good for colds.

About Napa 'ze Dog

My name is Napa and I’m an F2B Miniature Goldendoodle. Those letters and numbers just basically mean I’m extra hypo-allergenic. I have real hair, don’t shed etc. My dad likes that cause pets usually make him sneeze and cough. Not me! I was born in May 2011. Everything else you want to know about me is right over here!

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