My 10 Favorite Dogs in Movies

Do you love dogs in movies? I do! Here are some of my favorites.

I love movies, especially when dogs are the main or supporting characters. Here are ten of my favorite dogs in movies. I’ll bet you’ll love them too. If you haven’t seen one of these movies, you’re missing out. Run out and rent them today!


Sometimes I forget I’m a medium-sized dog, because I love playing with big dogs like St. Bernards. The movie Beethoven was made before my time, but it’s a classic. This pup’s real name was Chris, and he was a fantastic actor.

Turner and Hooch

This movie is the best. Hooch is a mess of a dog who protects his owner until the end of his life. Then, he goes to live with a detective who is trying to solve who killed Hooch’s owner. Hooch has a mind of his own, and he isn’t necessarily the best roommate, but he is a smart pup who is trying to do the right thing.

Marley & Me

Oh, Marley! If you want to watch a movie about a family dog who cannot stop getting in trouble, this movie is perfect for you. Sometimes it take a lot of dogs in movies to pull off filming. Can you believe that there were 18 dogs who played Marley in this movie?

Eight Below

I’m partial to Siberian Huskies, which is why I first watched Eight Below. I just didn’t know it was such a tear jerker! If you plan on watching this clip, you’ll need some tissues on hand. This is the saddest moment in the whole movie.


This dog Marmadukes is so wild. He’s trying so hard to fit in with his new friends, but this dog can’t stay out of trouble! Marmadukes learns a very valuable lesson about being true to himself and being honest to his new friends, and most importantly, his family.


I love super heroes, especially super dogs! This white American Shepherd dog was voiced by John Travolta, and boy, does he go on an adventure. There were so many great Bolt clips I could have shared with you, but I don’t want to spoil anything! Rent the movie right away.

Lady and the Tramp

What human or dog could possibly not love this kiss scene from Lady and the Tramp? Both of these dogs ā€“ who come from different sides of the tracks ā€“ are show stealers. I’d love to find a pup of my own to recreate this spaghetti kiss scene.

Beverly Hills Chihuahua

Looking for a funny movie? This movie is laugh-out-loud hilarious. I think talking Chihuahuas are so funny! How can you not laugh when such a big voice comes out of such a little dog?

All Dogs Go to Heaven

It’s no surprise that I love All Dogs Go to Heaven. This movie is the best. Charlie and Itchy are the greatest pals, and I love to sing along with them when the movies on, which is why I picked a musical number for the video clip. Sing your hearts out!


Remember how much I love office dogs? Here’s a real work dog at his finest. Jerry Lee is a drug-sniffing police dog who is assigned to partner up with a loner cop to solve a crime.

Do you love to watch dogs in movies? Did I forget one of your favorites? If so, let me know in the comments!

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