Do You Know What a Dog Reverse Sneeze Is?

Puppy with pile of fluffy toilet paperHave you ever witnessed a dog reverse sneeze before?

The first time I saw a dog reverse sneeze was my friend Sally on the playground. We were just running around chasing each other and decided to rest in the grass for a bit. All of a sudden, it looked like she was hyperventilating. Watching a dog reverse sneeze can make you feel very anxious if you don’t know what is going on, or what to do.

What is a dog reverse sneeze?

Reverse sneezing happens in dogs, especially four-leggers with brachycephalic skulls. (Say that four times fast!) The exact cause is unknown but may humans think they have a few ideas what may cause it. Some of the possible things that might make your dog reverse sneeze are irritation, allergy, over excitement (which is probably what happened to Sally. We were having so much fun!), or when your pup tries to clear her throat.

A reverse sneeze looks like really quick inhalations through a dog’s nose, and you’ll usually hear a lot of strange sounds that go along with it, like gagging or even snorting. Occasionally you’ll notice bulgy eyes, and it might even appear as if the dog is choking. Now you see why I say that watching this might stress you out. Even though this seems really upsetting to pups when it’s happening, it doesn’t seem to hurt them.

Quick tip: According to my vet, the best thing to do when your dog is is reverse sneezing is to massage and pet her throat which will interrupt the reverse sneeze. Do not give her honey or anything that they could accidentally inhale.

Here’s a dog reverse sneeze video so you can see what it looks like:

Why my dog reverse sneeze?

There are many reasons why your dog might be a reverse-sneezer. Do any of these ring a bell to you?

Nasal Mites: Nasal mites is a condition in which a mite will infect the nasal and paranasal passage of a furry four-legger. How gross is that? There are tiny, little buggies making your pup sneeze!

Allergies: Dogs get allergies just like humans, and the spring and fall seasons can cause this reaction too. Smoke, potpourri and perfume are common allergies, although they can also be allergic to pollen and ragweed, too.

Genetics: Is your dog a short-snouted pooch like a pug or a bulldog? Chances are there will be things tickling her nose and soft palate for the rest of his life.

Reverse sneezing treatment options:

Nasal Mites: If your dog is found to have nasal mites after an examination by a veterinarian,

Relaxation: You can disturb the pattern of dog reverse sneezing by massaging your dog’s throat. If they’re having anxiety, your gentle attention will also help with the panic attack.

Allergies: Taking your pup outdoors can help if they’re allergic to something you’ve sprayed inside the house. If that’s not the case, your vet can determine if your dog needs antihistamines for pollen season.

Genetics: Some dogs, especially those with short noses, like bulldogs, have this issue on and off simply because their noses get irritated easily. Not much to do here except make your pal comfortable when it happens. I’ve got a secret for you though. We can learn to do it on-demand for attention, so don’t give us too much attention!

Has your dog ever suffered from reverse sneezing? What was the cause, and how did you treat it?

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4 comments on “Do You Know What a Dog Reverse Sneeze Is?

  1. Thank you so much for the info! I was having breakfast with Osco (my Lhasa apso) and he started sounding like he was hyperventilating while watching me eat. I guess he got so excited seeing the food. Lol I am going to share this in my blog! Cheers!

  2. My pup does this and the first time scared me to death…now I cover one of his nostrils for a few seconds and he immediately stops

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