Help! My Dog Farts A Lot: Managing Dog Flatulence

If your dog farts a lot, this will explain why!

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Last week, I was sunning myself at the local dog park with a new dog friend when I overheard our human parents talking about dog flatulence. Apparently, my new friend has a problem. This dog farts a lot – more than anyone else in his household. The worst part is that they are loud, smelly, and hard to ignore.

Her parents were shocked by this new pup’s behavior! First, let’s get something straight, humans. We don’t fart to be rude, we fart because some gas slips out of our bum, and we can’t control it. We’re not trying to misbehave.

Let’s put it out there: No one likes a stinky dog. Do you know what dog flatulence is? It’s when your dog farts a lot! It happens when there is gas in your pup’s intestinal tract and colon. Sometimes the gas sneaks out – often at inopportune moments – and you may hear a toot or smell your dog’s gaseous odors. I’ll be honest, I let one loose every once in a while, too. I don’t know why, but it feels a lot better to pass gas than for it to turn into a stomach ache.

What causes dog flatulence?

Often, your dog’s diet may be the main culprit of dog flatulence. Low-quality dog food may be one reason your dog is passing gas as certain ingredients may not be broken down as easily as others.

Does your dog eat too quickly? My friend Fenway, a rescue dog who has what I could call “food-sharing fear,” devours her food in mere seconds. When a dog does this, it’s likely she will also swallow air, which leads to a gassy dog.

Finally, some dogs have food allergies. This could lead to flatulence, as well. It’s important to learn what your dog may have a sensitivity to so that you can prevent future belly aches and flatulence.

Can I manage my dog’s flatulence?

If your dog’s farting is stinking up your house, rest assured – there are ways to get her flatulence under control! A healthy, easy-to-digest diet will help reduce your dog’s flatulence. Nutrition is important to keep your dog feeling comfortable (and keep you from smelling nasty odors). You may want to ask your veterinarian for advice on what pet food he would recommend for your gassy pup. Do some research to be sure that the ingredients are healthy, and not just fillers that prove hard to digest. As dogs age, their dietary needs may shift, so be sure to choose something appropriate for her age, breed, weight, and activity level.

If your dog farts a lot and is like Fenway in that she scarfs down her food, consider separating her daily meal into two portions. Feed her in the morning and early evening. This is likely to help your dog digest her meal in smaller portions. If you’re already doing two feedings, try breaking it up into three or even four feedings to allow time for better digestion.

Do you think your dog may have allergies or sensitivities to certain foods? Keep a log of what your dog is eating, and make note of any increased dog flatulence as some food may be the trigger for her digestion problems. If your dog is sensitive to a particular food, you may want to completely cut it out of her diet.

Did you know that some dogs can be lactose intolerant? If your dog is one of those dogs, you’ll want to remove any dairy from her diet.

And remember, while I hate to even admit this, table scraps and human food can be a leading factor in dog flatulence. If you’re really concerned about the amount of gas your dog is passing, the best thing would be to stop sneaking her part of your meals until you can find the underlying cause of her digestion issues.

Is dog flatulence a symptom of a medical condition?

It’s likely that your dog is passing gas naturally, just as humans do. Though if the flatulence is a persistent problem, it could be a side effect of medications your dog may be on. It may be a symptom for a different illness, though other symptoms may be present, as well. If your dog’s flatulence is still a problem after changing her diet and stopping the scraps, you should consult with your veterinarian.

What happens if your dog farts a lot? What do you do to manage her stinky odors? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. my boston clears out the room most days. ive never had a dog like him just walking around passing gas as he goes. sometimes scaring himself with his own farts. its ridiculous lol

  2. Our Sheperd gets embarrassed and runs away if you ask her if she farted! But it is our Doberman that stinks up the place most times!! Lol

  3. I kinda like how my dog Calamity pooters. She is a very good girl.
    Bottom line: she is alive!

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