What Can Dogs Eat Instead of Puppy Chow?

What can dogs eat? More human food than you may think!

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Trust me – I understand what it’s like to want to alter your diet because you’re bored with the same old foods. I have my favorite dog food, but I still love to munch on some of your human treats. What can dogs eat? Great question. There’s actually a lot of safe human foods your dog can have as a treat or even a meal. But as I always remind you – make sure to check with your veterinarian before completely changing your dog’s diet. A treat here and there is okay, but if you plan on switching out some of your furry friend’s meals with some of the food below, your vet needs to know.

1. Eggs

Eggs are one of my favorite meals, and don’t even bother asking me how I like them. I like eggs made every way – scrambled, over easy, omelets – it doesn’t matter. If you make them, I’ll eat them! Eggs are great because they have a good amount of protein, riboflavin, and selenium. So the next time you’re scrambling one up for your dinner, be sure to scramble one for your pup as well.

2. Cheese

Yum, yum, yum. Another food I go wild for is cheese! Sometimes when I’m being very well behaved, my parents will toss a little cheese over my dog food, but they also share it as a special snack as well. There are two things you should be aware of if you feed your dog cheese. First, make sure your dog isn’t lactose intolerant. Yes – dogs can have trouble tolerating lactose just like humans. Second, some cheeses can be high in fat, so opt for low-fat cheeses.

3. Peanut Butter

Who doesn’t like peanut butter? It’s so yummy, even if it always sticks to the roof of my mouth. Peanut butter is good for dogs, as contains healthy fats and is high in protein. Here’s a tip, not only will your dog love the taste, but choosing a natural or unsalted peanut butter is best! Oh, and if you want to cook your own peanut butter dog treats, here’s my recipe. But we must warn you – some peanut butters aren’t good for your pup, so we only buy organic peanut butter in my house!

4. Carrots

There’s no need to wonder “what can dogs eat?”. We’ve already talked about how carrots are an ideal snack, but you could also add them to your dog’s meals as well. Carrots contain a lot of great vitamins and are great for your pup’s teeth, especially if your friend doesn’t brush very often.

5. Pumpkin

Us canines know that you humans go ga-ga for pumpkin-flavored food and drinks every fall. Dogs go ga-ga for pumpkin all the time! Pumpkin is usually shared with dogs who are constipated, so don’t give your dog too much of this special treat or your pup might need to take frequent bathroom breaks. Oh, and if you choose to buy canned pumpkin, make sure to purchase the plain version, not the one with spices.

6. Blueberries

Do you love blueberries? I do! Blueberries are great because of all the antioxidants and fiber they contain. Sprinkle them in your dog’s next meal or parcel them out as treats. Are you wondering my favorite way to eat blueberries? That’s easy – frozen!

7. Spinach

Whether or not you like salads, you may want to share some of your spinach with your dog. This super green and super chompy vegetable has a high iron content, as well as being loaded with fiber, calcium, and vitamins. One of my co-workers regularly blends green juice, and I just love it when she shares some with me.

8. Bananas

Oh, goodness. Another one of my favorite snacks is bananas! This superfood is great for humans and canines as it is full of potassium, electrolytes, minerals, amino acids, vitamins, and fiber. Now, don’t run out to the supermarket and buy every banana they have in stock just yet. Bananas are high in sugar, so this is a good treat for an active dog. If you have an inactive pup, it’s still fine to share, just don’t go overboard. Are the bananas on your table starting to get brown? If you aren’t going to eat them, don’t toss them! Peel them, put them in the freezer and then share them with your pet. It’s a treat that will keep your pup busy for a while.

9. Yogurt

I wish I had some yogurt right now. My parents usually share some with me if I need help with digestion, but as long I don’t eat too much of it, I can eat it anytime. This usually means that I lick clean a lot of almost-empty yogurt containers. Just make sure not to share yogurts with artificial flavoring or sweeteners.

10. Apples

I’ll be honest, I’m a little picky with my apples. Red or green – that doesn’t matter to me. I just prefer apples sliced versus taking a big bite out of them. I just don’t get the whole biting thing. Plus, I try to eat the core and seeds, and my parents always tell me that isn’t good for me. Remember the saying, “an apple a day keeps the doctor away?” Well, apples keep us furballs healthy too.

What can dogs eat at your house? Do you share any of these treats with them or are there other special snacks? Let me know in the comments section.

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