Meet 3 Office Dogs from Best Friends Animal Sanctuary

You know how much I love helping dogs in need. Well, these three office dogs have taken that “helpful” part to a whole new level. All three work for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. It’s the largest no-kill sanctuary in the nation, and I am so pleased to have the opportunity to get to know them a little better. I bet you’ll like them just as much as I do.


Napa: Where do you work?

Digby: I am currently a resident here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the nation’s largest no-kill companion animal sanctuary. I’m up for adoption by the way… you can email if you would like to find out more. While I am waiting for my for-reals family to show up and adopt me,  I spend every Wednesday in the Human Resources office, as they can always use the extra help!

Mona: My name is Mona, and I work at Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah.

Pearl: I work at Best Friends Animal Clinic in Kanab, UT. It is part of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, the largest no-kill companion animal sanctuary in the country!

Napa: What breed are you?

Digby: They say I am a lab/heeler mix.  I’m not so sure about that.

Mona: Border collie

Pearl: I’m a Chihuahua

Napa: Tell me about working at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary?

Digby: The HR office is very busy, so I am the official greeter, at least until it is nap time. I also try and help with cleaning the office, especially when food (any kind of food) has been inadvertently dropped on the floor. I have also tried cleaning the toilet a few times but my coworkers aren’t too pleased with that and make sure the lid is down when I come to work. I also check out all of the trash cans to make sure they have been emptied properly.

Mona: I work at the headquarters of Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Best Friends has the largest no-kill sanctuary in the United States, and we house approximately 1,500 animals here who are looking for their forever homes. We have dogs, cats, birds, bunnies, horses, pigs, and even a wildlife rehabilitation center!

Pearl: I work at the veterinary clinic’s front desk. I meet every person who walks through the front door.


Napa: What is a typical day like at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary?

Digby: I first make sure that I greet all of my co-workers individually when I first arrive for the day. I then try and figure out who is going to take me for my morning walk. Once the leash comes out, I make a lot of noise because I just love to go for walks. After my walk I, try and entice my co-workers into giving me treats by making the rounds and staring at each them with my big brown eyes. Normally, they tell me I am too chunky, and then give me a treat anyway. Then, there is always nap time in my favorite chair.

Mona: I take my job very, very seriously. I’m kind of an intense dog, y’know? My main priorities are getting petted, nuzzling, and playing with my sister Willow (who is a huge slacker, by the way. All she ever does is nap). This quarter I have been working on obsessing over the lizards in the dog run outside the office, so that preoccupies a lot of my time. Sometimes I even get used on photo and video shoots, since my human is a photographer here at Best Friends. I’m famous!

Pearl: I have many important duties. I educate people about puppy mills, like the one I came from. I also act as a comfort dog. People hold me and it eases their fear when their pets are sick or in pain.

Napa: Whose desk do you sit under most often?

Digby: All of my co-workers want my assistance, so I have to split up my time.

Mona: Probably my colleague, Jon. He gives me the most pets.

Pearl: I sit on top of the desk all the time so people can see me! I am very small, so I need to sit front and center!

Napa: When you get bored how do you keep busy?

Digby: Nap in my favorite chair.

Mona: Herding the office cats. They need to be kept in line!


Pearl: I work at a very busy clinic, so I rarely get bored. I do take several potty breaks during the day and enjoy sniffing all the interesting scents I find outside! At Christmas, I got to pick out my own toys from Santa’s trailer that visits all the dog areas at the sanctuary.

Napa: What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten around the office?

Digby: I can’t tell – it’s amazing what my co-workers leave in their trash cans!

Mona: I would never, never steal food. I’m just too polite, but I will beg for it. My colleague Jon cooks a lot, and sometimes I get leftovers.

Pearl: I don’t have any teeth, so I LOVE my Tricky Trainers Chewy liver treats. There is a jar that sits on the counter, and I have trained my co-workers to give me them many times during the day.

Napa: What is your favorite funny dog video?

Digby: Tank the Dog in the Trash of course – we have the same interests!

Mona: Anything on Best Friends Animal Sanctuary YouTube channel!

Napa: Now, Mona, one of your human assistants told me that you starred in the Best Friends Pet Sanctuary’s holiday video. They said you’d be too humble to share it with me, so they sent it in. You really are famous.

Pearl: Check out this link to watch me and my brother Tank asking for treats!

Napa: Where are you from?

Digby: I really don’t remember – I currently live at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in beautiful Kanab, Utah and would love to find my forever home (even though my co-workers would miss me terribly!).

Mona: I was found homeless with eight puppies wandering the streets. Me and my babies all found great new homes!

Pearl: I was used as a breeder dog at an Arkansas puppy mill for 13 years. Now I enjoy freedom living in Kanab, UT.

Napa: What’s your favorite trait about the area you live in?

Digby: I just love all of my very special caregivers here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and hikes among the red rocks of southern Utah.

Mona: How beautiful it is. Southern Utah has some of the great wilderness in the world, with land that goes on forever…that I can run on! I love to go out exploring with my Person, my doggy sister Willow, and my horses.

Pearl: Southern Utah is sunny and warm most of the year. I will never have to be cold again! I also enjoy hiking all the beautiful trails around the area.

Napa: If you could tell your human co-workers anything, what would it be?

Digby: I really could use an extra meal or two while I am working so hard!

Mona: “Stop stressing. It’ll get done eventually. Now pet me.”

Pearl: The simple things in life are the best! Enjoy the moment and don’t dwell on the past.

Napa: Can you share any advice for other office dogs?

Digby: Be really nice to all the visitors who come to the office and act like each of your co-workers is your favorite.  That way, you will get treats from all of them.


Mona: Keep up the good work, everyone! Dogs in the workforce will hopefully become commonplace with ambassadors like us on the frontlines.

Pearl: I like to share my bed with other co-worker dogs once in awhile, but I’m sill the boss!


Want to know something exciting, friends? These three office dogs aren’t the only special pups at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary. Next week, I’ll have five (yes, five!) four-legged employees to showcase who work for Best Friends Animal Society. You won’t want to miss it!

Are you an office dog? Is your co-worker a canine? Get in touch on Twitter or leave a note in the comments section if you’d like to be interviewed.

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