Office Dogs: Meet Louie from Red Cow Media

By now you all know how much I love to travel, but can you believe I’ve never been out of the country? Nope – never! My parents have a lot of explaining to do. But enough about me. If I were to travel out of the country, the first place I’d go is Manchester, England, to meet my new friend Louie from Red Cow Media. He is so impressive. Did you know that he runs an entire office, and yet he is only 12 weeks old? It’s true, but I’ll let Louie tell you a little more about himself. Thanks for taking some time out of your busy day to meet with me, Louie!


Louie from Red Cow MediaNapa: What breed are you?

Louie: I am a long-haired Chihuahua.


Napa: Tell me more about Red Cow Media.

Louie: Red Cow Media is my mummy’s company. We do digital marketing with a particular focus on search engine marketing, and we are based in Manchester in the United Kingdom. We serve clients locally, nationally, and internationally. I enjoy when our clients visit the office, because I get a lot of attention. Mummy says I’m an attention seeker.


Napa: What is a typical day like in the Red Cow Media office?

Louie: On a typical day, mummy and I arrive at the office around 9am. We usually stop for coffee on the way. I have some water and sometimes I’m allowed a banana treat. Mummy has a lot to do so I spend the morning wandering around making sure everyone is doing what they’re supposed to. I’m pretty much the office manager.

Then it is playtime. I have a lot of toys in the office and everyone wants to play with me, so I select a lucky employee and take them a toy. They know I’m the boss, so they know this means they have to play with me. If they don’t cooperate then I shout at them so they know its unacceptable. I’m usually pretty tired by this point, as playing is so very tiring, so then its nap time. I have a special bed in the office. It’s not quite as good as my bed at home, but everyone seems to compliment it so I’m not complaining, or I sleep under mummy’s chair.

In the afternoon, I wake up for some lunch, followed by another nap. Toward the end of the day, I like to do some more supervising. Sometimes I get up on the desks to make sure I’m getting a close enough look at what people are doing. Then it is time to go home.


Napa: I’ll bet you have a lot of job responsibilities. What is it that you do?

Louie: I’m basically in charge of everyone in the office. I don’t mean to brag, but it is definitely a lot of responsibility for someone so young. I’ve done very well at climbing the career ladder. This is my first job, and I’m already a manager at 12 weeks old, so I must be pretty good at it. My main role is playing, but there’s also the important role of napping – not to be underestimated!Louie the Office Dog from Red Cow Media


Napa: Who’s a better Tweeter: you, a bird, or your human coworkers?

Louie: Probably a bird. My co-workers try, but I don’t have time for Tweeting. I’m too busy managing the humans.


Napa: When you get bored around the office (in between important in the office tasks), how do you keep busy?

Louie: When I get bored I mostly like to take the time for a good nap. This is usually in between meetings, supervising, and generally being the boss.


Napa: What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten around the office (even if you weren’t supposed to)?

Louie: A few days ago, mummy had these delicious shoes that she left near her desk. I’m not quite sure what flavour they were, but I found them delicious. There was also a Reese’s cup wrapper on the floor today. I think mummy wanted it for herself, as she kept trying to take it from me, but it’s okay because I’ve hidden it now. (Shhhhh!)


Napa: What’s your favorite funny dog video? Please share the link!

Louie: [youtube=]


Napa: Do you usually spend your day with the same human or different humans? Explain.

Louie: There are a few humans in the office and I like to spend the day mingling with all of them so that some of them don’t start feeling left out. Mummy is my favourite though so I don’t like to go too far from her.


Napa: What is one office task that you’re not allowed to do, but you’d secretly love to do?

Louie: I’m not allowed to wander around the hallways. It would be so much fun! There’s a lot of space out there just waiting to be explored!


Napa: Share a funny story.

Red Cow Media LouieLouie: The other day, I thought it would be hilarious to poop under daddy’s desk. It was! Haha! I was really happy with myself, but I don’t think the humans saw the funny side, they have the strangest sense of humour.


Napa: If you could tell your human co-workers anything, what would it be?

Louie: Give me more treats. The banana ones. They’re delicious. Seriously though.


Napa: Can you share any advice for other office dogs?

Louie: You have to lay down the law right from the start. Show your humans who’s boss at the beginning so it doesn’t cause any issues further down the line.

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