Work Dogs: Meet the Fontaine Landscaping Office Dog

Layla toothWhen I first joined Twitter a few years ago, I was so excited to see how many new friends I could make! There are so many puppies on social media, but I was surprised to find out that so many of them are just just like me – hardworking, yet still playful, office dogs! So I put out a call for all office dogs and what an impressive bark back I heard! There are so many professional pups from all fields out there!


Take Layla from Fontaine Landscaping as an example. She’s got a whole crew of landscapers and office workers to manage. That can’t be easy. She trained all the humans, and checks up on them often to make sure they are all doing their jobs. I’ve been told she likes to take a lot of naps as well. I can’t blame her with all those people to supervise. Layla was kind enough to take a few minutes out of her busy day to chat with me about what it’s like to be a dog worker at a landscaping company.


Napa:What breed are you?

Layla: English Bulldog


Napa: Tell me more about Fontaine Landscaping.IMG_3811 (Large)

Layla: Fontaine Landscaping is a lovely family-owned landscape design & install company started in 1996 that I manage here in N.C. Well, I use the term manage loosely, to be honest. I’ve trained the humans so well that I really don’t need to watch them the whole time. I check in here and there, seeing what landscaping installation jobs are on the schedule, sniffing out what’s going on at the properties we maintain. It’s a stressful job that causes me to take a lot of naps.


Napa: What is a typical day like in the Fontaine Landscaping office?

Layla: Hmmmm, I don’t know if there is such a thing as a typical day. My chauffeur brings me to work where I promptly take a quick peruse around the office to make sure everything is in order. I then take my position at the office manager’s desk. Upon request, they got me this wonderful, comfy, ergonomic dog bed that I often take naps on. (I’m told I snore, but I don’t believe them! ) Usually there’s a buzz around me of mouse clicking, keys tapping and phones ringing. Sometimes the crewmen come in for something. At that point I have to get up and investigate them to make sure they are doing their jobs properly. When the owners need to run errands I tend to join them (I love the biscuits from the bank!) or hang behind with an office staff member (I think she may still need a bit of managing by me, but not for too much longer). When the one owner is away (my chauffeur), the other tends to let me wander around outside. Sometimes I go take a dip in the nearby creek, other times I just chill in the parking lot.


Napa: Whose desk do you sit under most often?

Layla: Most of the time it’s the office manager/bookkeeper/owner’s desk, but if she’s not around, I hang out in the other owner’s office.


IMG_3108 (Large)


Napa: When you get bored around the office (in between important in the office tasks), how do you keep busy?

Layla: Sometimes I spend a little time outdoors, or attacking one of the owner’s feet (seriously, he enjoys it!), or resting my eyes while I think up of ways to better the business (no, really, I am just resting my eyes!)


Napa: What’s the best thing you’ve ever eaten around the office (even if you weren’t supposed to)?

Layla: Gosh, everything is just so good. It could be the watermelon, or maybe the Boston butt. Ugh, I just don’t know!


Napa: What’s your favorite funny dog video? Please share the link!

Layla:  [youtube=]


Napa: What is one office task that you’re not allowed to do, but you’d secretly love to do?

Layla: Drive one of the company trucks on an errand! I do enjoy being driven around, but gosh, I’d love to drive myself too!


Napa: If you could tell your human co-workers anything, what would it be?

Layla: Wear more deodorant! That’s directed to the crewmen, of course. To the office workers, you need to work more quietly!


Layla shirtNapa: Can you share any advice for other office dogs?

Layla: Take your job seriously, but not too seriously. Be friendly and polite. And there’s nothing wrong with a quick power nap that lasts two hours.


Napa: What’s your best easy landscaping advice for homeowners?

Layla: Make sure you water your lawn and plants. That’s the most basic rule out there. Brown patches in your grass and dead or wilted plants do not make for curb appeal! Of course, you also need to make sure you have grass and plants made to stand your climate.


Thanks, Layla for allowing me to interview you. I had such a great time getting to know you and your friends at Fontaine Landscaping!

Do you know an office dog who would like to be interviewed for my new office-dog series? Leave a note in the comments and one of my human co-workers will get in touch with you!

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