Can Dogs Eat Carrots Without Getting Sick?

Can dogs eat carrots? Good news, the answer is yes. It’s a healthy treat.

Dog eating Carrot

Last week at the dog park, me and my friends witnessed a new puppy in the midst of training with his human parents and his adopted dog brother. Throughout the training, every time the pup did something correctly, he would be awarded with slices of raw carrots. I was jealous, but some of my dog friends were confused. “Hey Napa, can dogs eat carrots?” one of my pals asked me.  You bet! Carrots are good for dogs – let me tell you why.

Can dogs eat carrots without getting sick?

Great news – dogs can eat carrots as a healthy snack. In fact, some dogs even prefer carrots to other treats offered to them. I know I love carrots, especially when I find them in my favorite meal. The great thing about giving carrots as treats if you like carrots too is that you don’t need to shop for anything extra at the grocery store. One trip to the produce department and both you and your dog will have a healthy treat!

The only time carrots is not a good idea for your dog is if your dog is diabetic. There is a lot of sugar and carbohydrates in carrots, and a diabetic dog could get sick if she eats too much of either.

Also, because dogs digest carrots differently than humans, it’s never a good idea to give your pet too many carrots. Everything in moderation, folks!

What makes carrots good for dogs?

Carrots are low in calories and high in fiber and vitamins. In fact, the beta-carotene in carrots are known to be very good for eyes and eye sight, and many other studies show that carrots can prevent cancer and even help with anti-aging. Seems like a good snack to me.

Another benefit to eating carrots is that all the crunching your dog does can be good for her teeth. If you aren’t brushing your dog’s teeth as often as you should be, crunchy food like carrots will help loosen tartar in your dog’s teeth.

What’s the best way to serve carrots to my dog?

From my experience, dogs like to eat carrots in all different forms. Most of my friends prefer to eat raw carrots. The crunching is fun, and the taste is so yummy. Just be sure to cut up the carrots in small bites if you have a little dog. You wouldn’t want her to choke on a healthy treat!

Another way you could serve carrots – though I’ve never tried this myself –  is by giving your dog some carrot juice. One of my human co-workers uses her fancy blender to “juice” up some vegetables, and she says her dog loves to lick the cup. Hmm, now why doesn’t she share with me at work?

Finally, you can serve your dog cooked carrots for a treat. Just be sure not to cook the carrots with any spices. Oh, and there’s no need to add salt or pepper to the carrots while cooking.

Do you share your carrots with your dog? What’s your favorite way to serve them? Let me know in the comments.

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  1. We love our furr babies and take care
    The best of care of them. We have two
    Furr babies, a Chi, and a shizu.
    They are Sooo precious,
    We let them experience eating
    Some carrots today. Of course we gave them small pieces , our shizu loved them but our chi kinda did.

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