Dog Poop Clean Up Etiquette

no dog pooping signIf you’ve ever discussed dog poop clean up with friends, acquaintances, or even strangers, you’ve probably encountered many very strong opinions. Most vocal are pet parents who believe firmly in cleaning up after pets every time their four-legged friends use the bathroom. In fact, people who don’t even own animals feel strongly about cleaning up after pets’ bathroom breaks.

If you’re confused as to what the correct dog poop etiquette is, we’ve got you covered. Consider these suggestions:


Neighbors’ Lawns

Allowing your dog to pee or drop a deuce on someone else’s lawn is looked down upon, of course. If, while when walking your dog, he begins to use the bathroom on someone else’s property, the smartest thing to do would be to clean up after your pet. On walks, always carry bags you can use to pick up after your pet, and then simply throw them out when you get home! You wouldn’t want other animals to come on your lawn and leave their stinky logs on your lawn, so make sure to clean up after your own pet!

Dog Parks

There’s a good chance that dog parks will provide receptacles, as well as small trash bags you can use to remove your dog’s feces. Since your dog will be easily excitable at a dog park, be sure to keep an eye on his activities. Your dog might even let loose while playing with other animals. The other pet parents most likely won’t want to clean their pet up if she’s covered in your dog’s feces!

Public Trails

Many trails and public parks have dog poop clean up areas with receptacles which offer bags you can use to pick up after your pet. Take advantage of this, and pick one up before you start your walk. After you’ve finished, you can simply drop the used baggy into the trash before you leave. No one wants to step in dog poo, so make sure to clear the path for other visitors.


Before you bring your dog to the beach, plan ahead for bathroom breaks. Make sure to bring enough bags with you to clean up after your dog. The beach presents an interesting dilemma. If your dog enjoys playing in the water, there’s a good chance, he may defecate there as well. Keep your pet close to you at all times, so you’re fully aware of when they plan on using the bathroom.


As the king of your own castle, you have the power to decide how often you plan on picking up your dog’s waste. Depending on where in your yard your dog uses the bathroom, you might be able to wait a little while between picking up dog feces. However, make sure to keep clean up after your pet when you have visitors. No one wants to step on any random turds spread throughout the lawn.

Poop Week Final

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