Vet Shows How Dogs Die in Hot Cars

You already know that dogs die in hot cars, but have you thought about how quickly it can happen? Thanks to Veterinarian Dr. Ernie Ward, dog owners can finally see what it’s like for dogs to sit in the car on a summer day, even with the windows open!

He recently made a video where he sat in the car for thirty minutes with the windows cracked, and the back windows were open a lot more than most people would leave in a public parking lot. Here’s what happened:

I just wanted to personally thank Doc for doing this and raising awareness.

According to Red Rover, who started the My Dog is Cool campaign, this is what you should do if you see a dog left in a car on a hot day that’s showing signs of distress:

  1. Note the make/model of the vehicle, license plate number and its specific location. Note a description of the dog(s), and the condition of the dog(s), especially if any signs of distress are observed (see below). Also note the time.
  2. Call the local animal control agency, police or 911.
  3. Some locations, such as malls, amusement parks or casinos, will have on-site security that may be able to take action.
  4. Ask clerks at nearby stores/venues to make announcements using the vehicle’s make/model to locate the dog’s owner.
  5. If possible, return to the vehicle to monitor the dog’s condition and help responding authorities locate the vehicle.

And here’s a video from Red Rover with another perspective:

Keep your dogs cool! 🙂

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