Is Mayonnaise Bad For Dogs?

MayonnaiseWe answer a very important question: Is mayonnaise bad for dogs?

There’s a big mayonnaise controversy happening in the BuzzFarmers office, and somehow I got stuck in the middle of it. Two of my coworkers can give or take mayonnaise, one coworker is totally grossed out by mayo, and the fourth coworker would love to slather it on everything she eats. These humans constantly bicker about mayonnaise. Me? Well, I agree with my first two coworkers. If I can get my paws on a sandwich that has mayonnaise in it, I certainly won’t turn it away, but at the same time I’m not going to order anything with extra mayo.

We had a team meeting this week and let’s just say I got my paws on some mayo covered bread. My pal Erin – the one with the serious mayonnaise aversion – asked a very important question. Is mayonnaise bad for dogs?

She was wondering because while it’s a popular condiment, she knows it isn’t the greatest food for humans. She was worried that it would make me sick. Should I even be eating this stuff? Since we care a lot about dog health in the office we were a bit worried. So we took to the Internet, and while we did find this funny video of a dog licking a mayo jar clean, we didn’t find too many answers.

I knew right away that this is something I should write about, so we did a bit more extensive research for you and here is what we found out.

Is Mayonnaise Bad For Dogs?

If you love mayonnaise, and so does your dog, here is the good news – mayonnaise is not toxic to dogs. What does that mean? Well, unlike certain human foods, your dog should not get extremely sick immediately after eating some of it. So if you’re content with sharing your condiments with your pet, you technically can continue to do so.

Before you get too excited, we should probably discuss why mayonnaise isn’t good for dogs.

Yes, it’s not toxic, but there is nothing healthy that dogs will benefit from. In fact, over time, it might even do damage. Do you know what the fat content of mayo is? It is 60% saturated fat. Yikes! That’s so much. Remember, saturated fat is considered a “bad” fat.

No veterinarian would recommend giving your dog a food with such a high fat content.

Also, many store-bought mayonnaise brands are made with soybeans. There are many dogs who are allergic or sensitive to soy products. If soy products don’t sit well with your dog, never feed him mayonnaise.

With the extremely high fat content, you may want to rethink allowing your four-legged friend the occasional taste of mayonnaise, but that’s up to you!

Is mayonnaise bad for dogs? Do you allow your dog to eat mayo from time to time? After reading this, will you continue to allow your dog to snack on some mayonnaise? With all these questions, I hope you’ll take a second to answer them in the comments section below. 

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16 comments on “Is Mayonnaise Bad For Dogs?

  1. I’m strictly in the “I’d rather set my hair on fire than even have mayo in the house” camp let alone eat it and would never let Sam have any either. Good I don’t have strong feelings about it, isn’t it? 🙂

  2. I recently caught a half a dozen rainbow trout i grill them all and the wife made a salad out of them kind of like a tuna salad except with rainbow trout I was wondering if I can give it to my two my dogs ,,beagles and they will eat almost anything

  3. I fed my dog a little mayo … mayo light with tuna and egg in it. Not much and not often but once in a while. Very little amount as he is a Yorkie.

  4. Well, I wouldn’t feed my dog mayo straight. There’s literally no point in doing so. It’s fattening, and there are way better ways to give your dog eggs and small amounts of vinegar that they’ll enjoy more. That said, if you have a little chicken salad or tuna/fish salad made entirely with ingredients that are non-toxic to dogs, giving very small amounts as a treat won’t do any harm either. Really, it’s all in moderation and knowing how much is too much, since even too much of something that’s generally GOOD for dogs can be bad for them.

  5. My husband made the mistake of causing a steam burn to our hardwood floors so, I google repair options and Mayo was an option. So I did what the instructions said and began to let it sit for an hour only to find that my pup started to lick it up. I watched him for a few hours and he was perfectly fine. Spoiled German Shepherd Pups always find their ways to the food.


  7. In my household with 3 dogs we constantly change up brands and types of foods we feed our pups so the get a full variety of the benefits of different foods commercially available. I also understand it benefits them with regard to developing allergies to certain ingredients in foods.
    Our dogs have become quite picky regarding their food due to the different tastes. We have found that adding different treats in small amounts added to their foods has been a great way to get them to eat in great healthy varieties.
    We include a vast variety of added treats to their meals in relatively small amounts, generally about a 1-2 tablespoons per cup of dry food. These added ingredients include things like wet canned dog food, fat trimmed from meat, tuna mayo salad mix, straight mayo, grated cheese, homemade soup stock, scrambled eggs and many other things in small amounts.
    They seem to love the variety, and get additional nutrients they would not if they were fed the same food day after day on a regular basis.
    Just make sure to do a little research with new treats you add. You may find “dangerous” foods like onions are not dangerous at all if supplemented in small amounts, and your precious critters may actually enjoy it a lot on occaisson, without jeapordizing their health in the least.

  8. A little late on replying, but I have a picky eating Lab puppy. She is 5 months and 45 pounds, so she likes food. About once a week I make Tuna or chicken salad with Dukes Mayo and she has some in her mix when she eats along with peas or sweet potato. I did this with other dogs I have owned and they lived a long life.

  9. Snowball loves cauliflower with a dab of mayo dressing! She is 7 lbs, very petite, and active. I make her own healthy treats with chicken breast and rice, and I leave her dry dog food out which she eats at will. So far all is well.

  10. I enjoy mayo & sometimes when my 6 lb Chihuahua won’t eat his food, I’ll add a little mayo. He then GOBBLES his food as if he hasn’t eaten in a week!!! He is 11 years old & we are both vegetarian & enjoying great health. No one believes he is 11 or that I’m 70, I guess I’m doing something right.

  11. I would give it as the occasional treat only cause it’s in the food to begin with. But not a daily or weekly thing.

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