That Time in Florida I Got My Jaw Caught in a Nylabone…

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Over on VetStreet, they published an article about an incident that happened to me last summer involving flooding, a DuraChew® Double Action® Chew from Nylabone, and my lower jaw. Basically, it was one of those super-hard chew-proof bones with two solid attached rings on the end. I got my lower jaw lodged in the hole of one of them, while being stranded in three foot floods, surrounded by alligators and snakes an Everglad-ey part of Florida.. here’s an excerpt:

“With no power or air conditioning, the temperature rose to sweltering levels, MacArthur recalls. One person held Napa and petted him, trying to keep him calm. The other, using the saw tool on a tiny Swiss Army knife, slowly sawed the toy off Napa’s mouth. “The toy was not meant to be chewed,” MacArthur says, “so the sawing literally took four hours.””

They forgot to mention that we were staying in someone else’s vacation house, so a swiss army knife was all we had!

“The three stayed up all night, watching the water level out the window. In the morning, when the tide was as far out as they thought it could be, they ventured outside. They’d had the foresight to put their car up on planks on their raised driveway so it wasn’t under water. They carefully drove through flooded streets to Napa’s veterinarian’s office for an emergency visit. “I still don’t know how we didn’t flood the engine,” MacArthur says.”

Here’s a gross photo after they sawed the bottom half off. This is after about four hours of sweating, drooling and crying, so pardon my beard. I had to sleep like this all night because my mouth and lips was so swollen and purple and the ring was so rock hard and non-bendable that it wouldn’t even move. The vet had to surgically remove it in the morning under anesthesia. And they had to shave my beard!!

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I sort of blacked-out the whole thing. All I know is that I don’t chew on rings anymore, even when the holes look to small for my K9’s to accidentally slide through and get stuck in!

Click to read the whole story…

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